Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NOTD: ChG Paper Chasing

Hmm, I do love this bright green, but I was a little disappointed - this is 3 coats, and there's still a visible nail line. I thought, no prob, just cover it with Konad, easy solution ... but apparently I was too tired to execute that obvious fix correctly LOL because the Konad turned out way too subtle to cover the nail line.

Good news was the VNL wasn't as bad under the fluorescent lights at work. Bad news is that I feel like this color makes the bend in my middle finger look particularly mutated =/ ... I am strongly considering getting rid of some length so that the curve is not so obvious, but I'll make the final decision on that this weekend ... is there a way to fix this kind of nail issue does anyone know? It's a problem on several nails to on degree or another.

Enough rambling & whining, here are the pics =). From the China Glaze Custom Kicks collection, Paper Chasing; Konad done with China Glaze GR8 & plate m37 ... you probably need to click to enlarge to actually see this Konad in any detail:

So this was another mani that only lasted one day ... it's kind of becoming a habit, but the last mani I really left on for more than a day was the blue funky french tips from the past weekend ... although I am loving my new current mani also ... pics to come tomorrow, your clue is that it's from my Barielle haul (below) and it's one of the polishes from the ALU collection. Not nice to tease I know but you only have to wait one day =) Until then, thanks for reading.



  1. This is one of those colors I thought about getting, but skipped out on. It's not a bad color, but it just doesn't really appeal to me? That's weird, because ordinarily I LOVE greens and can't resist them. Glad I did, because to me, if it's green, it shouldn't have VNL, right? I can't wait to see your next one though! I've been enjoying seeing the Barielles posted on different blogs.

  2. I just got Paper Chasing & I really like it. Yeah, it's not THAT speacial, but it's a good color of green. However, it was amazing looking after I put a coat Orly Matte Maker on top. I couldn't stopp looking st my nails & commenting on them (much to my father's annoyance, since I was visiting my parent's at the time). The green looked so much like the satin finish glass Christmas ornaments you can find in stores... I LOVED it!

  3. Hi, this is my first time commenting on your blog. I had a problem with my nail curving a bit too. (Coincidentally, my middle finger) That problem seems to be gone now that I stopped filing the sides of my nails, they're all growing straight and nice. I just file and slightly round the tops of my nails. With the curve I had to overcompensate and file the other side down pretty far, to make both sides even. I also had this problem on my other middle finger nail, but only if it got too long. Still, they're as long as I've ever had them, and since I haven't filed the sides, both middle finger nails are growing straight. Taking off some length always helped mine, so maybe it's a good idea to try and see if you see some improvement. Do you file the sides of your nails? If you don't, then I hope someone has another solution for you.
    Good luck! From: Michelle

  4. I also have this problem with one of my middle fingers. I always assumed it was a residue of the finger being crushed and sewn together when I was a child, but apparently not since many ladies seems to have problems with it.

    Alas, I have no cure for the problem, but a strange coincidense to report. Immediately after giving birth to my first child the curve straightened out considerably, and it has been holding its new more straight form since then, now 6 years ago. I can't explain this, but it's a fact anyway. Hormones maybe?

    So, if you're not a mother yet, there might be hope (although I wouldn't recommend child birth as a general solution to nail problems.. ;-) )

  5. NICOLE - Exactly, I didn't expect a green this strong to have any opacity issues, I think that's a big part of my dissapointment with it

    AURORAGYPS - I bet this looks awesome matte - although I am not a fan of matte on my own nails, I can appreciate the look & my mom loves it although I don't know if I could get her to do it in green =)

    MICHELLE - That would make sense, because my "good" nails, that have been long & strong for a while, all grow pretty much straight. Several nails I have had to file on the sides due to snagging or peeling. I did take the plunge & take off some legnth, & I'm trying really hard not to file the sides except when absolutely necessary, so hopefully I'll see some improvement soon!

    POLISHPIG - Hmm, I don't have any kids, but that is interesting - I know a lot of women their nails start to grow faster and/or get stronger when they're pregnant. Hopefully I'll find another solution or I'll be waiting quite a while LOL =)

  6. I have Paper Chasing but haven't worn it yet. How disappointint that you get VNL. Darn! I like the Konad. Very pretty. I love greens and I still like the color on this. I guess I'll have to try it myself.

  7. LUCY - I'm thinking the VNL might be taken care of with a white base, or this would probably look really cool just 1 layer over black


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