Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Polls Coming & Going

It was fairly obvious from the beginning which way this one was leaning. And you may have noticed I'd adjusted my style a little in response.

On another note ... I have a very strong desire for the Blogger collection from Rescue Beauty Lounge ... on the other hand, I have a very strong aversion to paying $18/bottle for polish. Especially after a couple of other recent hauls of around the same price range that netted me a lot more than freaking 3 bottles of polish. Still. They're gorgeous! And kind of historic, like the All Lacquered Up collection by Barielle (which makes up a goodly portion of one of the aforementioned hauls). I mean, this is The Limited Edition Blogger Collection. I need this ... or do I?

Thus the inspiration for my new poll: How much of which collection will you be buying? Check it out & let me know your thoughts! Thanks for voting & for reading =)



  1. I know exactly what you mean! I want all three so badly, but I just don't know whether I can justify it, especially once you add the international delivery to New Zealand. By the time I've dithered they will be sold out and I will SO regret not getting them.

  2. SELINA - I know just what you mean, I can totally see myself finally making up my mind to splurge, only to be met with "No longer available"


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