Monday, August 31, 2009

Guest NOTD: From Blah to Ta-Da!

OK, I think I have another semi-to-rather cheesy title on my hands. Oh well =) That is what I think of this mani, it started off boring enough that I didn't take any pictures ... for a wonder, even my mom thought it was too boring & requested some Konad which I was happy to supply. She had expected it to be a little more yellow, like in the bottle, on her nail. This is Avon Dove Colombe, Konad done with Black Special Polish & plate m8:

On a side note, if anyone knows what this symbol actually means, I'd be grateful if you'd drop it in a comment or email. Mom didn't care, but if I wore it myself, I would be thinking the whole time that it meant something either:

A: Plainly absurd ... like "shoelace" or something
B: Just kind of on the dumb side ... "Hi"
C: Dirty or obscene ... I'll let you use your own imaginations here =)

Anyway, it does look nice, and adds interest to what would otherwise be a snore-worthy mani. My super-favoritest mani treat is coming up next! So check it out & thanks for reading.



  1. 愛 means love in Japanese and Chinese.

  2. HYDRAMIRAGE - Thank you SO much! I've been wondering what it meant since I got this image plate & didn't have anyone to ask before now - THANKS!

  3. I really like this konad print. :)

  4. Very pretty manicure. Glad you got an answer.

  5. SOLVEIG - I think it is the perfect size for my mom's nails =)

    LUCY - Thank you =)

    ANONYMOUS - Thanks =)


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