Sunday, August 30, 2009

Poll & RBL

So, I am a couple days behind here, as the poll finished Thursday & I got my order on Friday ... but weekends are for catching up, right?

Lots of people actually not buying any, but personally I ended up in the "some of both" category. I posted my Barielle haul a few days ago (here), and now here is the most expensive polish I've ever purchased, the Resue Beauty Lounge blogger collection:

I can't wait to wear these, although my current NOTD is actually not one of these colors yet. I've got a Konad masterpiece on my fingers right now, but the sun is down so I probably won't post it until tomorrow when I can finish taking proper pics. But I've still got plenty to post up tonight. Thanks for reading.



  1. I answered I wouldn't get any blogger polish in your poll simply because it seems we can't get them first I didn't care but the more I see picture and swatches of RBL's Scrangie, the more it looks like a really unique polish and the more I regret not being able to get my hands on it (even though I would NEVER normally spend that much money on a nail polish). Ah, what can I say I am weak ^_^

  2. CHOCADDICT - I don't understand why every single company can't offer internation shipping nowadays! It's not fair that you guys have to either do without or find roundabout ways to get your hands on polish

  3. I bought all three. I just couldn't resist. I've been wearing Scrangie for three days. It's a gorgeous color. I had to thin mine out twice. It was a little thick to me.

  4. LUCY - If I weren't so in love with the swirls I'd be wearing one of these by now =)


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