Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Post-A-Thon: The Stash

I know it's been like, ages & ages since I promised pics of the filled Helmers. Well, here is the proof that I didn't forget. I think there will still be some considerable rearranging going on, because since I'm leaving all of my unworns in shoeboxes (&, uh, other places ...) there's still a lot of sorting to be done, but so far so good. You can see that some drawers are a lot fuller than others, but if I just adjust a little I've got plenty of room for expansion. Here we go, top to bottom:

Left = Duo-chromes. Right = Best Konad polishes & some of my other nail-art supplies:

L = Purple (the fullest drawer LOL). R = Holos (which I have a ton more unworn):

L = Blue, turquoise. R = Glitter:

L = Teal, Green. R = Black, Grey, Silver & White

L = Gold, Yellow, Orange. R = Brown, Bronze:

L = Red (I was surprised I have so few). R = Pink, Nude, Sheer:

And, just a glimpse of the piles of unworns still waiting to be sorted, in boxes, on top of my desk, and on top of my dresser:

All of those will eventually fill up the rest of the room in the drawers =)

I think I'm just about done posting for today. Going to answer comments for the past week & then I'll have time to catch up on everyone else's blogs =) Thanks for reading.



  1. wow i'm amazingly jealous haha :p

  2. AQUAHEART - LOL, even I know the feeling, there's always something new to go on the lemming list & always someone with more polish =)

  3. When I saw the Helmers I thought yeah, that's about as many polishes as I've got. Then I saw your untried mountain(s) and my head nearly exploded. That's a lot of polishes you've got to try my dear!

  4. Holy moly look at that untried pile!! Someday may my untrieds be as good as yours :D

  5. Thanks for the pictures. Can you take a picture of it with drawers unopened? Thanks again for doing that. I really think I have to get one or two. I have at least as many polishes as you. I have mine in plastic boxes and train cases.

  6. Wow, now I know I'm not the only one who just picks up a color cuz it's purdy. lol I'll stay tuned to see what you have in store. :-)

  7. Wow, your untried pile is impressive! I cant wait to see them! I see some Hot Topic polishes I meant to get but didnt. lol

  8. Oh goody, that's nailpolish heaven for me (hell for Hubby) ^_^

  9. tres bien colette, you have such a deep
    collection of nail polishes - oh my -luv.

  10. SELINA - I know, I've got to start doing my nails even more often LOL =)

    KAE - LOL =)

    LUCY - I'll try to fit in a closed pic. It really is the perfect polish storage solution.

    DENNY - If I see a color I like, it's too hard to resist =)

    ADOREPINK - There are still a few other colors of theirs I would like to try - every time I go their selelction is a little different

    CHOCADDIICT - Oh, definitely heaven LOL!

    MIA - Thank you =)

  11. I absolutely love how purple is the fullest drawer :-D I only have about 20 different polishes but I own mostly purple too!


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