Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Apologize Beforehand

So, this is the mani that I did after I removed the one I didn't like ... I chose a holo not for my deep & abiding love of the finish, but because I knew it would dry quick & wouldn't need further decoration & I could then go to bed sooner.

Well, I went to bed so quickly I neglected to take natural lamp & camera flash pics. I did take a few sun & shade after work, but then I took this off before I looked at what I had & had not photographed ... so I apologize for not having the usual pile of pics to look at. Still, if I only had to pick one kind of lighting, sun would be it =) From the Kaleidoscope collection, China Glaze Rated Holographic:

While I'm apologizing, I'm VERY behind with my comments - although I have time to sneak & read them at work, I haven't had time to reply - I'm going to attempt to do that now but I'm not counting on going without interruption for long so we'll see. Thanks for reading.



  1. I love that holo - it's absolutely gorgeous!

    And I do that too...use holos sometimes because I know I won't have to decorate them. ;-)

  2. Oooh, that's a super pretty holo! I love it. I have yet to see a holo I don't like, though :) Looks great on you!
    I'm SO far behind on comments, I may never catch up. I've tried though! Haha.

  3. Holos are great when you are short of time :)

    Just wish CG changed teir policy again and would let us (Europeans) buy their products again, I *need* more OMGs or kaleidoscopes!! :(

  4. Beautiful, pretty and subtle colour, but then the holo blings it up!
    I especially like it on your long, gorgeous nails. I have this one in my stash but have yet to try it.. :-)

  5. This is a really pretty color! :)

  6. I just love holos ! lol....I never say no to holos :-)
    This one looks great on your nails and it makes me think that I need to get more holos....lol

  7. OMG, your nails look incredible. I think you could wear any color and they would amaze me!

    Well, here is one example of a guy who notices when a gal takes care in her manicure! :)

  8. JAMIE D - Thank you =)

    NICOLE - Every time I play catchup I swear I'll keep up next time but it never happens LOL.

    CHOCADDICT - That's too bad you can't get them, it just seems unfair!

    POLISHPIG - LOL I still have more unworn holos that I've actually tried.

    SOLVEIG - Thanks!

    TULI - Thanks =)

    ANONYMOUS - Thank you =)

  9. Love the holos. Nice that they dry so fast. I am trying to get them all. I also need most of the DS also.

  10. LUCY - the fast drying is just one more thing that makes holos perfect polish LOL =)


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