Thursday, July 30, 2009

NOTD: Very Neon Zebra

This is really bright (my nails look like a green highlighter as you'll see below). And while I liked it when I first did it, wearing it all day it's growing on me even more. I was going to take it off because of the seams, but I've decided to wear it another day. I'm kind of finally getting it through my head that I'm the only one that notices them, because I know where they are & I'm also looking way closer than most people would, zooming in so close with the pictures - if I hold my arm out straight & just look from a normal distance, even I am hard put to see the seams.

I almost didn't get the sun shots today, it was gloomy-gray cloudy & crap when I got home from work & really didn't look like it would clear up for the rest of the evening, but by the time I'd finished my yoga it had blown clear & I took advantage. Take a look at Color Club What a Shock Konied with China Glaze DV8 & plate m57:

So, do you spot the seams at first glance? =) If you can't see them, click to enlarge - I'm impressed as I was before when I used this plate how well it's designed to match if you can just make it all line up on the nail. Even my ring finger, where I was off a "row" of stripes, isn't too bad.

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  1. I love the whole look of it! and the green is so pretty! :D

  2. Wow, green zebra is awesome! That bright green would also look great with black stripes!

  3. If my manis were as "imperfect" as your I'd be glad ;)
    I like the colors on this this one, it's very energetic ^^

  4. Colette, I think your the only one who can see the seam! I saw it faintly on one nail. You've done a pretty seamless job. I love this with the neon green. Your nails look wild!

  5. wow- you did an awesome jobs withtthe seams!

    I always imagined Konad would come out with plates with a 'longer' image for people with longer nails.....

  6. I think they look absolutely fabulous!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. AQUAHEART - Thank you =)

    DANICA - Black looks awesome too, I did that combination with a green neon from Claire's =)

    CHOCADDICT - =) Thanks

    LUCY - LOL I think you may be right ... and the longer I wear this the more I like the brightness, I think this is the most neon poish I've ever worn ... which I think means I need more neon =)

    DEEZ - I'm still hoping! If they pay any attention to the blogs, they should know it's a problem ... the existing images seem designed for small nails, mine would have to be really short to avoid stamping twice, even my stumpier right hand requires double stamping.

    SUSAN - Thankis & you're welcome =)


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