Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Post-A-Thon: The Hauls

So, if I go by location, a total of 6 hauls last weekend, which took me over a week in some cases to post ... but really, a couple of them only involved 1 or 2 bottles, and I probably wouldn't count them as a haul if they weren't with the whole pack ... anyway, lots of good colors, here we go:

Top row: Maurice's Double Dutch. I'd never heard of this brand before, but mom picked it up at a church sale for me. Middle row: Big Lots ... thing with these Dark Pleasures is you can't see the name when they're packaged, since it's on the back, only the number on the top, so I ended up getting 2 new ones & 2 I already had that will go in the franken box that I hope one day I'll actually get around to playing with LOL. Scarlet Letter & Steel-etto, my dupes, and then the new ones Patent Leather & Purple Pleasures. Bottom row is from Target clearance: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear n Flirt, Black Out & Petie Pink, amd Maybelline Tutu Tango.

Then, last Monday, Lachelle left me a comment on my Exclusive NOTD post that she'd seen OPI DS polishes on sale at Trade Secret for only $5.00, and I decided a trip to the mall was in order:

Top row is DS Fantasy which I did indeed pick up at Trade Secret for only 5 bucks! Thanks Lachelle! I had seen this color at Cub foods, resisted because I was on a no-buy, and then when I decided to give in it was gone! So I'm glad to finally pick it up. Second Row is from Claire's: Jen Jen & Magic. Bottom Row is from Icing: Purple PJ's, Purple Rain, Roger That & Laura's Fave (featured last post as my NOTD).

So, that's the haul portion of the post-a-thon. Thanks for reading & stay tuned because I'm not done yet =)



  1. Oh hey, good hauls! Where in the world did you find those Revlon Dark Pleasures? I can't find them anywhere! I've been looking too. Hmph.
    I'm going to have to go by the mall soon, there's too many nail polishes I want to pick up, and I just know there's a Trade Secrets in my mall. Good choices from all stores!

  2. Great haul! I found some that were on clearance at my target too! haha :D

  3. NICOLE - I found them at Big Lots, they've had the Dark Pleasures & also the Sweet Nothings for the past few weeks, and seem to get new stock in on a semi-regular basis.

    AQUAHEART - I love Target, they've always got something on clearance LOL =)

  4. Nice haul! Can't wait for all your swatches. I really like Sally Hansen Extreme Wear polishes. I'm not much of a drugstore polish buyer. But! The last 2 months I've bought way too many.

  5. So you went and got the DS polishes from Trade Secret! Yay, I'm glad you found something you wanted :-)

  6. LUCY - I think I still have the most Sally Hansen compared to all brands, for a long time drugstore brands were all I bought.

    ADOREPINK - Yes, thank you =) I've been to a couple more Trade Secrets since, but neither had any more DS on clearance =(


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