Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So, it's been a while since a mani irked me to the point that I was forced to immediately remove it. Unfortunately this mani fell extremely short of my expectations & what I had pictured in my head. I think the dots ended up too big, or the lines too narrow, or both ... even though I don't think this qualifies as a total fail, I personally hated it...

But I'll still share, if for nothing other than the beautiful base color. Misa Shop till u Drop, nail art using China Glaze LOL:

You can see I was distracted enough I didn't even have the bottle in the pics ... probably sleepiness had quite a bit to do with it too LOL. The "real" NOTD post is coming, although I kind of spaced on those pics also ... you'll see.

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  1. I still think this looks pretty cool, even though it annoyed you! I couldn't do anything quite that cool. *lol* I also like the colors you used!

  2. Oh dear! I've been missing some great swatches and manis while I was on holidays >.<
    It's too bad this one annoyed you because I think it looks really good. Wish I could do something even remotely as pretty ^_^

  3. I think this looks really pretty as well. :)

  4. I am pretty much a failure at nail art,so kudos to you for coming up with the design.I like it :)

  5. NICOLE - Thanks, I love the colors too, I might use them again but I always say that & never seem to get around to it LOL

    CHOCADDICT - Thanks, I know I'm probably hardest on myself LOL

    SOLVEIG - Thank you =)

    PINKGINGER - Thanks, it's the first time I've done my own from scratch rather than totally copying one.

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