Sunday, August 2, 2009

NOTD: OPI DS Exclusive

OK, I had pretty much decided after wearing Desire that I wanted some more Designer Series polishes, but after wearing this color it's gone from want to need =) This polish is AMAZING. I tried, really I did, to capture it in pics, but none of these do it true justice ... here is OPI DS Exclusive:

A perfect color to make me feel better about my "short" nails LOL. No, there's really nothing wrong with this length, I think I'm about used to it already. And I don't have that nervous OMG they're so long I just know I'm going to break one any minute feeling anymore, which is a bonus.

I picked up a few polishes over this past weekend, and I haven't forgotten my intention to show you the filled drawers on the Helmers, I've just been too lazy to take pics LOL. But it's coming, hopefully this next week, along with another book update. Until then, thanks for reading.



  1. i really appreciate all the different type of lighting shots you take. It really looks like 4 different colors. From one blogger to another i know thats a lot of work! So kudos to you, because i strive to be as meticulous and how very close to detail you get!
    Thanks Collette!
    sidenote: pretty color :)

  2. I have this one on order! It's a great colour and it looks beautiful on you.I Love your blog :)

  3. I really like the DS collection. I have exclusive & extravagance. I love them both. The color looks very good on you.

  4. I love everything I've seen from the DS collection and this is no exception! This is gorgeous. Thanks for the great pictures! You do it justice.

  5. While I really like Exclusive I think it is totally overrated. There are so many other from that collex that I like better. one of my faves is DS Reflection -- a coral DS yum!!!

  6. it's amazing! looks great on your "short" nails :-) and if the photos don't show it's true quality, so I must have this one!

  7. your nails look great Colette :)
    and that polish is a real beauty, it looks amazing :)

  8. You making me kick myself! I saw these at Trade Secret this weekend and they were 5 bucks! Should have gotten one! It is very beautiful though on you though!

  9. TIFFANY - I'm glad you enjoy them - there was a time I debated posting so many, but the response has been very clear on the more pics the better & I agree =)

    PINKGINGER - Thank you =)

    DENNY - Thanks =)

    NICOLE - Thanks & you're welcome =)

    PINKY - I think I want almost every DS I've ever seen swatched LOL

    SOLVEIG - Thank you =)

    INBAL - Thank you - you won't regret it if you pick this one up =)

    CHOCADDICT - Thanks =)

    ADOREPINK - You have to go back LOL! I actually saw your comment & stopped at one after work & got DS Fantasy =)

  10. I've been lemming this for such a long time. Looks beautiful on you!

  11. I absolutely adore all the holo polishes. I need so many more. You do such a terrific job of getting all the colors to show. Your nails are beautiful. That polish is amazing.

  12. FLINTY - Thank you =)

    HELEN - This was the first DS I decided I had to have, it is a great polish =)

    LUCY - Thanks so much =)


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