Sunday, August 16, 2009

Results: Nail Length Poll

So, I managed to get quite a bit behind (again), and now it's later than I planned on posting & I'm not sure if I'll get everything done but I'll give it a try. Another Sunday post-a-thon =)

First up, wanted to just touch briefly on the poll that finished last Sunday:

I have to admit, that while "very long" won out, I was surprised at how close "fetish long" came - I guess it's just a matter of personal preference. I like them, and you guys seem to like them =) And I guess at least if you don't like them you keep your mouth shut LOL because I've never gotten a single disparaging comment or email.

The poll on post length isn't quite finished yet, but it became pretty clear early on which direction in was leaning ... I've been trying to break things down a little more, so with that in mind, I've got I think at least 4 more posts to squeeze in, TOTD, 2 NOTD & another guest NOTD, so I've got to get on to those =) Thanks for reading.


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