Wednesday, August 19, 2009


From one end of the holographic spectrum to the other I guess =) The only downside to this mani is that due to tornadoes & crap I didn't get a chance for any sun pics. Still, I've got a good amount to show you, here is China Glaze OMG, the flagship I guess you could say for the OMG Collection:

I have to also mention, I edited these pics while I did a new mani, and boy are you guys in for a treat - or maybe a disaster? - tomorrow. Which it turns out to be will depend on if this mani grows on me over the coarse of the day, because right now I'm just not quite sure how I feel about it. And I know that's a horrible teaser =) but I don't know what else to say LOL. Until then, thanks for reading.



  1. Hi Colette! I have this one and i like it very much...but after 1 day is chipped!!!
    Does it happen you too?
    I have change several base and top coat but the problem is still the same... :-(
    Have a good day! :-)

  2. allways happy to see one more holo polish... :-) it looks great on you! can't wait to see what's next...

  3. I love this holo. Looks really gorgeous on your pretty nails. I haven't worn mine since my nails started to grow. I'll have to try it again.

  4. ASTASIA - I did get some chipping, nothing too big but enough to be annoying

    INBAL - Holos are always my go to when I can't decide what to wear =)

    LUCY - I think holos make nails look even longer, just the way the effect plays on the nail


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