Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thift Store Love

Have I mention lately that I love my mom & she loves me back?:

Left to right: New York Color ?? (It says 112A on the front but I can't find a name anywhere, if anyone has this number & can clue me in leave a comment), Sally Hansen Peek-A-Blue, Orly Seashell & OPI Cool in the Pool.

I can always count on mom to keep an eye out when she's shopping =) And I provided her with a list of my collection - shrunk totally tiny & printed double-sided so it fits on just one sheet of paper - to prevent dupes.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Yay for mums!
    Mine goes shopping for me in Germany where you can find one specific brand of makeup that's almost not sold anywhere in Paris :)

    I have one or two NYC polishes and they don't seem to have names either, just numbers.

  2. DANG!! Why doesn't any one in Oklahoma give their nail polish to the junk stores around here!! :)

  3. CHOCADDICT - It's so frustrating when there are no names, drives me crazy!

    BROOKE - LOL =) Maybe one day

  4. 112A.. I have it, the name is right under the number on mine. But it's a lot newer and purchased at walmart. ;)

    "times square tangerine creme"

    Over a year later and you have your name.


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