Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Fair

So, as much other stuff as there was to see & do, I did have a nail mission as well & I'll put that up front so that those uninterested in the rest don't have to search for it =)

This is the 1-year anniversary of me entering the great wide world of Konad =) I picked up my starter kit at the state fair last year & used it the very next time I did my nails LOL. The building was way too crowded this year to get a decent shot of the Konad booth, but their Fair Special this year was 5 (plates or polish) for $25.00. Now, obviously I could have seriously indulged here, but I am pretty happy with my current Konad selection, and I have been spending a lot lately on "must have" polishes so I kept myself on a leash & only got 5 things:

Image Plates m64 & m72, Black, White & Psyche Pink Special Polishes & a big box of rhinestones. I had a great conversation with the lady handling the booth, and ended up writing down my blog address & contact info for her! She said that they were looking into expanding their online presence & might contact me for like some consulting work - score! How fun would something like that be, even if it was only a minor role?

Alright, the rest of this post has nothing to do with polish, with the exception of glimpses of the most awesome mani of all time when it's my hand holding the food LOL. I went with my mom, dad, uncle & my grandma, and between the 5 of us we ate a LOT of different stuff today! I think I took a picture of just about everything with the exception of the multiple beers & lemonades (kind of on the boring side).

Here's my dad, getting it started pretty much within minutes of entering the gate LOL, with a foot long hot-dog:

Grandma got a bratwurst:

I got bacon on a stick:

My mom & my uncle each had a corn dog:

Dad got this basket of assorted fried seafood:

Umm ... the cream-puff got mostly eaten before I got a pic of it but you can see from how messy it was how much whipped cream there was:

Fried alligator strips & hush puppies:

Corn on the cob:

Some kind of shis-kebab, I think it was buffalo? & one of the many beers:

One of my favorites, veggie fries:

Pina colada flavored Hawaiian shaved ice:


Cheese Curds:

Loaded potato skins:

Root Beer float:

Fresh-cut & fried curly chips:

Lingonberry float:

Pina Colada smoothie:

Blooming onion:

A bucket full of Sweet Martha's cookies, which was overflowing until we took care of that little problem & ate enough to put the lid on LOL:

Ice cream:

Well, that's all that we ate! Well, actually at the fair ... my dad got a gigantic bag of cotton candy to take home, and me & my mom got cinnamon roasted nuts.

One non-food related thing that was pretty cool - there was this giant robot walking & dancing around & singing! You can see how huge he was, and there was a crowd just like following it around:

And, to close out, just to give you an idea of the crowd, even on a Monday:

The little yellow arrows are on my mom & grandma =)

There was so much else happening at the fair I could have focused on taking pictures of! Maybe next year I'll make it my mission to take pictures of all the carvings - any time they cut down a tree, they leave a tall stump & carve it into ... well, all kinds of things, totem poles, bears, horses, abstract art, all over the fair! We'll just have to see. Thanks for reading =)



  1. I love fair food! Sounds like you all had a great time. Now I'm very hungry :)

  2. MARY - LOL, I know just posting all these pics I was ready to go back!

  3. Oh.Emm.Gee.! The Boy and I were at a fair this Sunday and I wanted everythinggggg. I have never eaten a corndog *hides in shame* and I wanted to try it so freaking bad, but he was in Diet-Nazi mode so I didn't get one. =/ There were Gyros, Clam bar, meat on a stick, philly cheese steaks, onion rings, pizza, chocolate apple [and other fruits] on a stick and so much more. And yet we drove 20 minutes to eat HEALTHY food. My point is - I IZ JEALOUS OF YOU!!! Nom Nom Nom

  4. Looks like you had fun. That food looks so good. I'm hungry, lol!

  5. Wow, I would have burst from all that food, haha! :D

    Your dad looks so cool, by the way. :)

  6. What a lot of food! It looks like you all had so much fun there, too! Those carvings sound interesting, I hope you do take some shots to share with us next year!

  7. Ooooooh. Now I can't WAIT until fair! Ours is in October. Yours had a Konad booth? I'm gonna look, ours here in NC is huge too, I wonder if they do!
    All. That. Food. is the dang reason I love fair so much. YUM. You took some great shots! Looks like so much freaking fun.

  8. Love Dad's hat, he looks major cool! Where are you in all of this. Too busy eating are you! My God that is fried food HEAVEN! Everything look delicious. I don't know about the alligator. What's that taste like? I'm on Weight Watchers and I hope I don't gain weight from looking at this stuff. I can't remember the last time I had a corndog. I just love food porn. What do cheese curds taste like? I've heard of them. Do you hear me sobbing all the way from New Jersey? Pretty good pictures of all that food. Can't wait to see what your Konad's will look like.

  9. All these pictures of fair food are making me hungry/thirsty! Especially the sno cone!

  10. PINKY - Oh no! I can't imagine going to the fair & trying to be on good behavior, even the fruit is dipped in chocolate or deep fried LOL!

    LAZYBEAUTIFUL - LOL I sent several people at work to lunch when I showed these pics!

    SOLVEIG - Thank you! I will pass along the compliment to him =)

    NIVIPA - Well, I went back & was on a mission! Pics of all the wood sculptures coming soon =)

    NICOLE - I remembered the booth from last year, and checked the fair's website before I went to make sure I knew where I was going =)

    LUCY - The great part of being BEHIND the camera LOL =) The alligator is actually kind of good, chewy but I'll say the stereotype- tastes like chicken! Cheese curds are delicious - hot, melty, a little cripy on the outside, yum!

    ADOREPINK - They have the same effect on me =)

  11. I can feel my arteries hardening just looking at those pics. Also, YUM!

  12. SELINA - I wish I could go back right now LOL

  13. Im from Canada, and we dont have any of this good food at our fairs!
    Im super jealous!!


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