Wednesday, April 22, 2009

NOTD: Neon Green Tiger

I have to start out by saying that I am posting this from my old piece of crap computer. My rage knows no bounds. My bright shiny new comp has become a piece of broken junk & is in fact no longer in my possession as I had to bring it in for warranty. A case of no longer being able to recognize the harddrive or some crap.

I'm usually pretty good at backing up important stuff. But I was horrified to look & see that the last backup of my polish spreadsheet is from February ... I really hope they can recover some info so I don't have to try & redo everything from the past 2 months.

Still, luckily I have old slow & dying but still apparently reliable, and so I'm still able to share this mani. A literal bright spot I suppose, although I'm finding it hard to be at all cheerful at the moment. Claire's Green Neon Konied with black special polish & plate m57:

Some of my nails required a double stamp, and I tried a couple different methods. On my ring finger (right) I stamped the base & then the tip of the nail; on my middle finger (left) I stamped the tip & then the base & it turned out better, although I'm not sure if that means better technique or just better luck on that nail:

The pattern on my middle finger really looks like all one stamp unless you're in super-close, but the line on my ring finger bugs me. I probably shouldn't have picked such an exacting design to start learning real double-stamping, but I wanted to wear this pattern.

So, that's how things stand for now. Being on this pc curtails the amount I can get done in my blogging time just from the extra time it takes to load anything. I'll keep up posting at least as far as my NOTDs are concerned, but with a possible ETA of up to 3 weeks to fix my other computer, I'm not sure how much else will get done. We'll see how well behaved old faithful turns out to be. Thanks for reading.



  1. That is absolutely THE HOTTEST manicure I've ever seen. I love it!

  2. I honestly cannot look @ a fabulous konadicure w/out dying a little bit inside. I feel like the slow kid in school. *sigh*

  3. So sorry Colette. My computer gets so slow and it drives me insane. Love the manicure! Looks fantastic and color is great. I doubt anyone would even notice the line. I really didn't until you pointed it out.

  4. Hello,my name is Tami! I am a Nail Art Webmaster, can u add my blog to your blog list? i will do the same! Tami....

  5. Colette, I honestly didn't notice the double stamp issues until you put up the big, glarring picture of them, lol! I was thinking, I know she double stamped this since her nails are so long, and it looks wonderful!

    Great job, I love a hot neon base with a black animal print koni on top! That's hot in my book :)

    So sorry about your darn computer!!

  6. What wonderful mix and a very nice application!

  7. MRSKIWIYETI - Thanks!

    THE PBG - Keep the hope alive! I've had my kit since last August, and you'll notice none of those early pics made it to the blog ... in fact most of them were so bad I didn't even attempt to take pics to remember them by LOL.

    LUCY - So far only one person has noticed the line - my grandma!

    TAMI - I always love to find a new nail blog, and yours looks like it has a lot of cool nail art.

    CLOCKWORK - Thanks!

    BROOKE - Thanks! I know it's the perfectionist in me that makes the minor stuff bug me. As soon as I decided on wearing this green, when I looked through my new plates this one jumped out.

    SAKURA - Thanks!


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