Thursday, April 2, 2009

NOTD: Sparked

It's Brooke's fault for showing me glitter over on her blog. I should know by now I can be sort of impressionable when I haven't picked a color yet. So I dug around & found about 10 glitters I haven't worn yet & the winner was Wet n Wild Sparked. I don't normally do Konad when I wear glitter, but I gave it a try & actually love the way this looks. Plus it seems I've finally thinned my black special polish enough it's not streaking. I used plate m15:

Bling! Pink, mauve & silver glitter in a fairly clear base. I think this would be an awesome polish over black, since it's not as dense as the glitter Brooke had - hers was completely opaque in 1 coat, while this is 3 coats, and I was sorely tempted to do 4, but it was late. It's so sparkly it's hard if not impossible to tell what the Konad is from a distance, but I don't care since this is mainly for MY amusement.

Since I did this last night, I've had plenty of time to admire it, and I have to admit, I just keep looking down at my nails & thinking "Man that's bomb".

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  1. Isn't that a cool color? I just finished playing with a funky french tip for my blog post tomorrow using this. I picked it up at Walmart last week for 97 cents and was curious about it. Most glitters don't give as much coverage as this one, I was impressed. That looks great on you and your Konading is coming along very well :)

  2. wow, that looks really pretty.

    I love Wn'W Sparked they need to come up with more glitters. They are pretty good polish's and they have alot of glitter in them..... It is beautiful over black.

  3. OOOOO,Ahhhh.... I love the bling!!! My kinda nails!!!

  4. I have this one and I haven't used it yet. I was also thinking about using this for french mani. The koni turned out great!

  5. Really nice! I would never have thought that Konad can be so lovely over glitter polish.

  6. BODY & SOUL - I just checked out your post, it worked great for french tips! I love funky/non-traditional french manicures.

    DEEZ NAILS - I wish they had more glitters too - for such cheap polish, I've never had any problems with WnW & they have a ton of great colors & finishes.

    VELVET - The only bad thing about having such bling at my fingertips is they're a driving distraction! LOL now that it's been warm enough that I don't have to wear gloves at all times.

    NIXXY - Thanks!

    NESSA - Check out Body & Soul's blog (above) for a preview of what this looks like as a french tip, it's great.

    AMABILE - That's exactly what I thought, but I'm so glad I gave it a try, I surprised myself with how nice it turned out =)

  7. Jeez; that is simply stunning!! ;)

  8. Very pretty! I so love glitter. I have so many other type of polishes to try and yet I keep using shimmers and glitters. Every time I do my nails I think I will use a creme and then I grab a holo or glitter. Love them. Looks so pretty on you. Good job with the Konad.

  9. Fantastic! I love it - I'd be totally distracted with my nails too...great work with the konad!

  10. VANESSA - Thanks!

    LUCY - I think I would do more glitter if I weren't maintaining a few patches on my nails right now - the amount of polish remover needed to get glitter off takes a toll.

    JAMIE - Thanks!

  11. This is very pretty, your looks are inspirational


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