Monday, April 27, 2009

H2T Haul

My first haul from Head2Toe Beauty, and it was a pretty serious one. So hard to resist so much cheap polish... I mean, I was up to 24 polishes right off the bat when I decided I wanted all of both the OMG & Kaleidoscope collections ... a little more browsing, and ... well ... 7 pounds of polish showed up at my house in a big box:

Which had lots of little boxes inside:

Which had lots & lots (& lots) of pretty polish inside:

Ahem. Thus what was kind of supposed to be a no-buy until I found the Tracy Reese collection over the weekend. I'm going to be better now, honest, there are only a couple of things left on my lemming list that they were out of stock on when I placed this order, like Revvvolution.

The OPI DS in it's own little box & very top left of the big shot is Desire - I seem to have neglected to take a close up pic of it out of the box, but here are the rest; some of the tag pics are a little fuzzy, but you should be able to read the names for everything if you click to englarge (if you can't & want to know, leave a comment & I'll check):



Color Club:

China Glaze:

^OMG Collection

^Kaleidoscope Collection

So I'm a pretty happy camper right now. Haven't decided which one I'm using, but one of them is going on tonight, something holographic & purple I think but that still leaves me several choices =) Thanks for reading.



  1. man, it's like Christmas every time I get a package full of nail polish! I'm definitely thinking about a giant haul of the Kaleidoscope/OMGs too!

  2. You got a bunch of cool stuff! Way to goooooo. Have fun and enjoy your selection. Can't wait to see your swatches.

  3. What an awesome haul!!! That's great! Have fun deciding what to!!

  4. Haha! That's the best no-buy ever!

  5. Nice selections. I did the same a couple of months ago. It is so fun pulling all that stuff out of the box!

  6. Wow! Can i come to your house? ;-)
    So beautiful all that polish!!! So colorfull!!!
    Good choice!!

  7. 7 lbs., that's too funny! You got some great polishes there. Have fun playing with them and I look forward to your posts using them.

  8. Now that's what I call a HAUL sister!!

  9. Awesome haul!!! I so envy you right now; I want Octa Gone Wild and OMG (I'm probably tho only polish junkie who doesn't own that one by now ;))
    Have fun!!

  10. THE ASIAN GIRL - I'd say Christmas AND my birthday, rolled into one!

    DENNY - Thanks!

    VELVET - It was hard to choose, but fun =)

    NIXXY - =)

    LUCY - I was grinning the whole time

    ASTASIA - =) Thanks!

    MARY - I was so surprised when I saw how much it weighed, but then I wondered what I'd been expecting with 40 bottles LOL.

    CLOCKWORK - =)

    BROOKE - I have literally been planning this haul since I started this blog LOL. It's about 95% of my lemmings

    VANESSA - That's exactly how I felt before I got them!


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