Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So, I'm a curious sort of person. And I'm curious about my readers =) And other bloggers in general.

I usually do my posting & replying to comments in the evening, either when I get home from work, or after dinner (or both LOL). Seems like a lot of the action happens during the day though, so this month's poll has to do with work: How much leeway do you have?

Check out the poll in the upper right & let me know: Can you blog at work? & if so how much? Personally, I'm lucky if I'm able to sneak a peek at my gmail to look at my comments, maybe post a reply or 2 if I know my boss is in a meeting & won't be back to lurk over my shoulder. But I fondly remember previous jobs I've had where I spent a good portion of the day browsing the web & reading forums.

Fulfill my curiosity! And feel free to leave a comment with what kind of job you have & if you love it or hate it. Personally, while I am grateful to be gainfully employed in our current crappy economy, I HATE my job with a passion. HATE IT. But I'm good at it. So I guess that should count for something ... right?

On to the results of my last poll (The cut-off first option was "Yes! The more polish the better!"):

I was a little surprised to see the margin was so large. More than 2 to 1. Which I guess is a good thing since I've already posted TOTD twice LOL. Plus! I almost doubled the number of votes from my first poll, which is awesome. Of course this one was up longer, but I kind of like having a poll going & a month seems like a good length of time for now.

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  1. ok, i'm pretty new to your fab blog. what is your job anyhoo...sorry you hate it. been there! :\

  2. ummmmm, never mind! read your profile...duh!

  3. I dislike my job (I work behind a grill at a golf course snack bar) considering I'm not using my college degree at the moment. I can't complain though; my coworkers and the clientele are friendly and easy to get along with. I don't have internet access (or a computer) at work, so no blogging/commenting for me. Maybe if I get a smart phone with internet access I could do so.

  4. I'm a stay @ home mom and childcare provider. I have as much leeway as I make for myself. Kids too busy, no time to blog. No kids or quiet day, plenty of time.

  5. I'm a stay at home mom. We have three kids. All school age. So my early mornings are too busy to blog or comment and late afternoons and early evenings get kinda busy again. Depending on what kid activities are going on and what kind of dinner I'm cooking.

  6. At my job I am constantly on the computer (I make maps and deal with document management). Some days I have meetings, some days I am on the computer all day. My boss sits to my right, but a good distance and I know that he's doing things on the computer that he shouldn't too. I know that in our employee manual it says that we shouldn't be blogging, but everyone else is on youtube or ebay so I see no harm in what I do. I am also on the IT committee so I know when and if we are being tracked :)

  7. lol - I do almost all of my blogging at work! lol Very rarely will I put up a post at home during the nights or weekends, lol!

    I like my job. I like the work I do, and the laid back atmosphere. I could take a day or time off at the drop of a dime, take a longer lunch if needed, etc. - I love it. Plus lots of time to surf the internet and do posts on my blog.

  8. I'm a stay at home Mom after losing my job on Friday the 13th (February of 2009). My daughter's in school, so if I'm not busy doing German Shepherd dog rescue or doing volunteer work for our local Volunteer Center, I spend way too much time online! Our company (4000 employees) shut their doors with no notice (auto industry), but I didn't blog at work...IT spies! But after all these years working, I'm loving my life now :)

  9. Unfortunately I am on disability retirement. I was way to young to retire from the post office. I had to go out that way or I would risk getting fired. I was there for 13 years and the last 5 or so I sat in a letter aisle. That's where anything that couldn't be done by machines was filed by hand. No computers there for me. Always was watched. Thank God I had a headset to listen to books on tape or music. I miss working and wish I could've stayed healthy enough to still be there. So my time is my own and I sometimes live on the computer.

  10. DICEY1 - Welcome, and glad you're enjoying my blog =)

    THE ASIAN GIRL - The people are always important - there are a few people I can't stand at work, but most of them I get along with.

    THE PRETTY BROWN GIRL - I have a feeling when the kids are actually around, it's busy the majority of the time =)

    VELVET - I can't imagine trying to juggle 3 kid schedules full of activities!

    NESSA - I am on the computer most of the day, luckily I don't have too many meetings to attend because they have a tendency to make me super-sleepy. I've never actually fallen asleep in one, but I've come close.

    BROOKE - WOW! Someone who actually likes thier job LOL. You're a lucky woman =)

    BODY & SOUL - That sucks that they didn't even give you any notice but at least you're enjoying your free time & what you have now =)

    LUCY - That's too bad you had to leave a job that you liked. I know what you mean about the music too - after I got my iPod, I seriously wondered what I'd done before.

  11. Late to the party, as usual...

    I work in IT - actually, I'm a "webmistress", so I'm online pretty much all day during the week (and it's a good job, though I've been doing it for 10 years now, so somewhat boring). I do blog at work, but I try to keep the time short (restricted to breaks), and I don't always respond to comments. It kind of depends on how busy I am on any given day - work always comes first. We're all like that around here, and as long as it doesn't interfere with work, it's generally "ignored". That doesn't mean I don't feel guilty about blogging/surfing at work though.

    I'm splurging on a "net book" mini-computer next month, and when that happens, I suspect much of my blogging activities will move to after-work hours, since my computer will then be in the same room as the TV (on my lap) at night. :-)

  12. JAMIE - Not too late, just fashionably so =)

    I'm glad to know there's at least 1 IT person out there who knows real work comes first LOL. I've known some people who really take advantage of the position, figuring none of the computer illiterate people will catch them at it.


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