Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Test Skittles & Stuff

So, I had a few ideas of what I wanted to do with my nails next, but I wasn't sure how they'd turn out ... so I did some test skittles over my existing mani & after being severely dissapointed I am now clueless what I'm going to do. These are so ugly I almost did not post them, but I figured hey, share the learning experience. Let me show you my dissapointment ... but first let me give a general disclaimer that these are all very sloppy, both on the base color application & the Konad. I didn't do any cleanup since it's obviously coming right off.

Right to left colors are: Push Upon It (Konaded with FL & DP both in the tip pattern), Dreamy Purple (with PUI (top) & FL(bottom)) & Forbidden Lust (with PUI & DP):

Which turned out crappy enough, but after top coat, which I hoped might help, I thought they were all actually worse, barely visible at all!:

Here we have DP (with Devotion & special Silver) & FL (with Passion). Wasn't horribly enthused with any of these combos either:

So, that all kind of bummed me out ... which came after a lot of bum-outs at work today. The main issue was power went out at work ... we were running on the backup generator ... and then something else broke & half of what was still working quit, including my computer. The boss said I could go home after I finished my stuff that didn't need a computer, mostly filing ... but just as I was finishing, she came with the "good news" that she'd found a computer I could work on, someone who was out of the office. But! I buried my sorrow in a brownie-cookie:

Brownie cookies were, ironically enough, brought in by her husband, who also works in a bakery. If you've never had one of these before, it's just what it sounds like - brownie+cookie = brownie cookie. Chewy, chocolatey, yummy-y.

Also, one last thing for this post: My Nails Look Like ... my friend Sam's sweater:

So, that was my day. Well, in reverse order, since I found the MNLL this morning & the test skittles just happened.

Now off to remove the horrible test skittles & pick a new color ... I think something totally different until I get over my irritation with these shades. Thanks for reading.



  1. Cute 'test skittles' I like the name and what you did. That sucks about work, but a brownie cookie also = awesome!

  2. I'm sorry you didn't have a very good day!! Hope you find the right mani that makes it all better!

  3. I liked the bottom two konads!

    The brownie cookie - I would knock and old lady over to get if there was only one left :)

    That sucks about her finding the computer!! especially after they already said you could go home - boooooo!

  4. Isn't that always the way that you can go home but wait! I found such and such for you. Aggravating. I kinda liked your skittles. It was difficult to see the Konading buy colors were pretty. I liked the navy? with the silver Konad. The last one was also pretty. Sorry about your day but the brownie was worth it anyway. Does your boss bring in bakery stuff often?

  5. NESSA - Thanks!

    VELVET - I did! Glitter therapy LOL.

    BROOKE - I used that flower on my mom a while ago & I've been wanting to use it ever since.

    LUCY - It's actually a dark purple, I think it went a little toward navy putting the test on over the turquoise. Not quite true to it's real color but close enough to test stamps on.

    One good thing about my job is almost everyone brings in food & stuff frequently. My boss's husband, who works there part time, works in a bakery too, so they both bring in that kind of stuff a lot.


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