Friday, April 3, 2009

Frustration Is...

Frustration is a 10-pack of polish.

Seriously, I was at Big Lots with mom yesterday, and on top of one of the shelves she spots a stack of Maybelline polish, 10 bottles to a package, for $10.00. Only a dollar a bottle, great! Right?

Not so much. Aside from the fact that a lot of the colors were dupes of what I already had, there were dupes inside the packages! There were like maybe 2 bottles in each package that I wanted, and I have never been so tempted to vandalize packaging & create my own set of 10 GOOD polishes. But I resisted. I thought, Hey, if Big Lots has these, maybe Dollar Tree got some new stuff too! So I go down the strip mall to the Dollar Tree. Which is barren of polish. Meh ... I didn't like that one any way. I go to two other Dollar Trees ... with similar results.

Today I went to two MORE Dollar Trees ... and they had no polish either! It's like a polish drought or something. But, I also went to another Big Lots, and after much searching & debate I gave in & got one of the sets. Ladies, if you go searching, this is what you're looking for:

I managed to find one without any dupes within the package, and only 2 of the colors I already own. The main thing inside that I wanted was the heart-shaped glitter polishes (middle of the middle row). Sadly, although there are 3 colors, NONE of the sets had all 3 inside, and since I'm coming off a no-buy & still kind of trying to be good, I refrained from buying another package just for the 3rd heart polish.

So, if you missed the heart-glitter in the normal stores & would like to pick up a couple, get thee to a Big Lots! Both locations I went to these were up on top of the shelves, kind of out of the way & not where you would normally look, probably because the package is so honkin' big. Most sets were made up of various pinks, but some I saw had a cool purple & I also saw a couple of cool glittery peach colors. So it just depends, hopefully you can luck out & find a package with a good combo of colors!

On another note, today we celebrated my grandma's 80th birthday! I am lucky enough to have all of my grandparents still alive, although only my mom's parents live close enough that we get to visit on a regular basis. It was really nice, the regular crowd was all there for dinner, plus my other uncle who is not usually there came on his way home from work so she had all 4 of her kids to sing to her. We don't do a ton of gifts, but grandma is pretty easy - she likes a sampler pack of beer! It's what I got her for Christmas too, LOL.

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  1. Colette you are so lucky to have grandparents that are alive. Never knew any of mine. I do have a good friend who is like a Mother to me who's 94. She's in pretty good health except she's getting bent over now. Still does her own cleaning and lives on her own. She has lots of exciting stories to tell. Can swear like a sailor! Used to embarass me and my girlfriend when we were teenagers. Not so much anymore. Nice load of polish you picked up. Maybe someone put the polish up high so they could come back later and buy it. Good hunting though.

  2. ooooooo, I almost stopped at a big lots this weekend and resisted. I'm glad I did because I would have had to have one of these!

    None of my DT's have gotten any new polish either, I think they must have run through their stock - which saddens me if that is true. But it has been a looooong time since I have seen any new nail polish at any of my DT's

  3. LUCY - I think everyone goes through that teenage phase where family is embarrassing or not as "important." I really enjoy every time we get together because I do feel lucky.

    BROOKE - I've just got to keep hoping that when they get some back in stock, they get a LOT.


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