Saturday, April 25, 2009


I don't know if I mentioned I'm on a semi-no-buy. A think really hard, ask myself if I really need this, do I even remember how much I just spent online?!-before-I buy. Well, I found a few things I maybe could have resisted but didn't:

Left to right: Milani Garnet Gems, Revlon No Shrinking Violet & Not So Blue-Berry. That wouldn't have been so bad. 3 bottles of polish is allowable. But I found something else ... something I stared at in astonishment for a few moments before convincing myself I was not hallucinating:

Yes, FINALLY, the Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Spring Collection (click to enlarge & see names). This was the 2nd Walgreens of the day & 3rd of the week & they had 2 of each color, in a totally nondescript display with some other normal Sally Hansen products. It didn't even say what the collection was. There was no sign declaring them super-cool & hard to find, almost like Walgreens knows they'll be gone so quick they don't even need to make an effort to advertise them.

Runner up for coolest thing of the day was that they lady at the cosmetics counter goes, "Hey, you have a lot of Sally Hansen, let me see if I have a coupon for you." She proceeded to pull out a stash of coupons from behind the counter, explaining that they get books of coupons with the displays sometimes. She pulls out a book from Sally Hansen, and says something along the lines of, "Oh, you have 7 bottles, we'll just use 7 of these $2.00 coupons." So that pretty much took care of any slight guilt I might have felt for splurging on all of the colors instead of the 3 I had planned on. Revlon was buy 1 get one also, so that was a deal.

I'll be using Night Hydrangea for my mani & No Shrinking Violet for my pedi, but probably won't post up until tomorrow. Thanks for reading.



  1. That coupon aspect of the story made my inner thrifty pixie do a happy dance!! Great haul, Colette! :)

  2. THE PBG - I started out having a bad day, finding the collection & getting all those coupons really lifted me up a little =)

  3. What a deal ! coupons are so fun :-) and how nice of the lady at the cosmetics counter to give you those coupons :-)
    And I have to say that I'm so jealous, 'cause here the nail polishes prices are much higher , and we don't usually have coupons :-(

  4. I think that sales lady was the polish fairy in disguise... :)

  5. fantastic finds and to have coupon action, that's wonderful :)

  6. Semi no-buys are made to broken when you find polishes like that! It's all justified by the coupons, so don't worry about it. I love my Not So Blue-berry! Terrific haul :)

  7. There was no way in hell that you could pass that up! There are special circumstances when rules are to be broken. This was one of them. Glad you found the whole collection. I got them last week from Walgreens. My girlfriend has been on the lookout for me for this collection. Finally success! Other polishes are nice also.

  8. TULI - That sucks you don't get many coupons!

    NIXXY - I agree =)

    CLOCKWORK - =)

    MARY - I had to have at least one of those scented polishes =)

    LUCY - Even the girl at the counter said it made no sense how long it took some stores to get products. She said they get people come in all the time for things they've seen on TV but they don't have in stock yet.


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