Thursday, April 9, 2009

Books 20, 21, 22

Magic's Design
Cat Adams

Cat Adams is the pen name of the writing duo of C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp. And while I like the authors, it really took me about half the book to get into this story, since it's not set in their normal world (the Sazi series). I was actually kind of disappointed with the ending too, they left too many loose ends hanging, but at the same time they didn't seem like the kind of loose ends that pointed towards a sequel. This ended up being kind a a "filler" in between getting other stuff from the library, I don't exactly regret reading it or anything, but I wouldn't break a leg for the next book if they did decide to do a follow up in this world.
Mortal Sins
World of the Lupi Book 5
Eileen Wilks

When you get into urban fantasy, there's basically two kinds; the kind where magic is real but the normal people are all willfully ignorant, or the kind where the gifted (and/or werewolves, vampires, etc) have become the latest favorite minority to discriminate against. This is the first of the 2nd type that I've read in a while, where the lupi (werewolves) in this world are recognized as legal citizens - in their human form - but yet it's still legal to fire one with no other basis from a job.

At this point in the series, there has been a Turning, basically kind of a change in the level of available magic, and they're having to learn to deal with a lot more of something not everyone is comfortable with. Among other things - like the main plot, which I don't think I can talk about without spoiling the first 3 books. I've said it before & I've said it again, it's really kind of hard for me to give a good review without giving huge spoilers, and I want to avoid that. I think I've been getting better? But it's still a little weird for me because I'm not quite used to talking about what I'm reading, it's been a solitary habit for me for such a long time.

Spell Games
Marla Mason Book 4
T.A. Pratt

Another wonderful series/author that I discovered due to the amazing cover art of Daniel Dos Santos. While things usually work out for Marla eventually, she doesn't ever really get what I would call a happy ending. But she breaks a lot of heads trying to make one.

& Yes, I'm still slogging through Dresden #10 though it's not due to lack on interest, rather just the fact that I'm trying to draw out my enjoyment as long as possible. Sometimes I read a book almost too quick, then I'm sad that it's over. But #11 came out Tues, and it is currently in transit to my local library, so I've got to finish up & get ready as there's no renewing books with waitlists.

Tomorrow I'll be going to see the flower show with the family & take lots of pics, so I'll have something pretty to show, even if it's not polish =) Thanks for reading.



  1. Colette, thanks for the book reviews. I've written down the authors names and will have to look into them.

  2. I think you do just great talking about books. I keep thinking I want to do something like that on my main blog, but can't seem to figure out how, so I love reading yours!

    I'm going to look up that werewolf novel - I tend to prefer werewolves to vampires (though I don't mind a good vampire novel occasionally either).

  3. LUCY - I'd love to know what you think if you read them!

    JAMIE - Thanks! No vampires in the Lupi world yet ... but I have to admit I kind of keep waiting for them to show up, LOL it's so rare to find a series where they're not kind of rivals, but so far there's enough other weird stuff for them to deal with in this series.


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