Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Purple Holo NOTD

Until my most recent haul, I was sorely lacking in holos. I had a couple things that had some holo glitter, but very few fully holographic polishes. My very favorite was Sally Hansen Purple Diamond, so when I got my haul I went right to the purple holos:

I decided on Color Club Fashion Addict, which is part of the Catwalk Queen collection. I am in love. & I took lots (& LOTS) of pics to share my love with you guys:

Now, I think you all know how hard it is to photograph holographic polish ... I did my best but it's even better in real life. I also took a couple of videos with my camera ... but I decided I had enough pics & would anyone really want to watch a video anyway? So if you would have preferred a video demonstration of how gorgeous this polish is instead of or in addition to pics, let me know (leave a comment or email me if you'd prefer not to broadcast your opinion) & I'll certainly post one if anyone actually wants to see.

Still struggling on my other computer so I'm going to let it rest after the work of uploading all these pics LOL. The only upside is that it's forcing me to finish my books that are almost due =) Thanks for reading.


PS - I know this is an awful lot of pics, but come on - they're all different! Reason #1 why holo polish is distracting & gorgeous.


  1. You did a fantastic job with capturing the holo on this polish! I love all the angles to show the rainbow effect in this color. Just beautiful

  2. I love all the pictures, such a great holo how it catches all kinds of light. Beautiful!

  3. I like all the pictures, too!

    I think it is very thoughtful to share pictures from different angels and in different lighting... I know that there is some polishes I wanted but no longer because they do not at all match their name or description ie: Orly 'Mint Mohijto'... which is apple green, not mint-ey ( WTFudge? )

    Also having something else in the picture t o reference it to, such as trees, etc. is really good too!

  4. Colette you did a fantastic job capturing the different shadings of the holo's. They are all gorgeous polishes. Looking forward to some excellent swatches.

  5. Great work!! So deatils!!!
    Good idea the photo sequence...

  6. Yum! Gonna get this next haul..

  7. gahhhhh! You make me want long nails in thw worst way!! I love all the pics :)

  8. Thank you for all your detailed and perfect pics !! this one is stunning and it look gorgeous on you :-) I defenitly going to add this one to my list !


    Thanks so much for all the compliments & feedback =) I'm glad you guys enjoyed the pics, I really did kind of hesitate over putting up so many. I'll continue to shoot these kind of "progressive" shots for the rest of these lovlies to share the holo love =)


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