Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another Haul

It was an accident. Kind of. I was at the mall & happened to go by a Claire's, and they're having a buy one get one 50% off sale on their cosmetics. So I had to get a couple bottles of polish ... well, more than a couple, and then I went over to Icing & got a couple more:

Top row left to right: Icing Blackout & My Blue Heaven, Clair's Shine, Rock & Lulu Belle. Bottom row left to right: Green Neon, Sparkle, Rockstar, Dragonfly & Pink Rose.

Combined with yesterday's haul, this should tide me over for a while ... thanks for reading.



  1. Yeah, yeah - we believe you!
    Like how I accidentally on purpose ate that danish today. It hopped into my mouth and committed suicide - I swear! :D

  2. happens to the best of us. I did something very akin to this yesterday. Pertaining to the new scented revlon polishes! It wasn't planned at all..the polishes just hopped into my basket all on their own. Honest!! Lol!

  3. NIXXY - LOL, sneaky danish!

    VELVET - It's like they have a mind of theirown ;)

  4. I totally understand how that happened. It happens to me when I order online. Somehow I end up ordering a ton and then I quickly hit the order button before I change my mine.

  5. LUCY - LOL so true ... especially sites that have order $XX and get free shipping =)


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