Monday, April 13, 2009

TOTD & Easter Leftovers

Well, not like real leftovers, more like a few pics that I didn't get around to posting LOL. Starting off with a pic of me (blue), my aunt (orange) & my mom's nails:

I asked my aunt what color she was wearing & she didn't know! But then when we got home it was pretty funny, she'd called to leave a message that the name was Jamaican Me Crazy - sorry I didn't get a brand out of her. My mom is the reverse, I know the brand is Isa Dora but I don't know the color (sorry!). I am of course wearing China Glaze For Audrey.

Next is a little Easter Treat:

What is that cute little fellow you might wonder? Well, a lady at my mom's church does a little bakery business on the side, and under all the adorable decorations is a moist, delicious cake ball:

I don't know what else to add regarding that other than UBER YUMMY. I could probably eat a round dozen of those little suckers they're so good. Of course, mom only brought me home one so I tried to savor it patiently.

Finally the toes ... I actually did these when I did my Easter mani on Saturday, but I was too lazy to clean up, so I had to wait to take pics until my mistakes had washed away. This color is really really close to what I took off, but for whatever reason I really like having blue on my toes. This is Finger Paints Bada Bing, Bada Blue:

I actually thought ahead & was off today to recuperate from the holiday, but tomorrow it's back to reality & back to work. *sigh*

Thanks for reading.



  1. I am sooo mad at you right now! I am CRAVING cake now and that lil chicky looks sooo goood!!

  2. oooomigoooood...there goes the diet!

  3. How nice to have your Mom, Aunt and yourself in a nail picture. That cake is adorable and yummy looking!

  4. ayiii that little cake ball is too cute! ^^

  5. Love the first pic!

    I have attempted to make those little cake balls before. The lady that "invented" them has a blog it is called Bakerella, there is a link on my blog under Blog/Websites that I love, incase you were interested in making some of your own :)

  6. NESSA - Haha, sorry!

    NIXXY - It's little ... that means it's diet-friendly ... right? =)

    LUCY - The pic was my aunt's idea, I really like how it turned out.

    CLOCKWORK - Almost too cute to eat ... almost!

    BROOKE - I officially have to make some of these after seeing how to do it. But I need to have an event or somewhere to bring them or I'll gorge myself!

  7. Hey! I made that! The cake ball I mean. :D

  8. KIRA LEIGH - Hi! That little guy was SUPER TASTY! I'm glad my mom remembered to tell you how much I liked it.


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