Wednesday, April 8, 2009

NOTD: Easter Cuteness

You know how usually when you get a lemming, you have to chase it down? Well, I lucked out, and when I saw Nina Ultra Pro Mermaid swatched over at Steph's Closet all I had to do was unearth it from my mound of unworn polish. A great fresh, springy color that also reminds me of an Easter Egg. I ended up using 4 coats & might have gone for #5 if I wasn't trying to also Konad before bed since I could still see my nail line a bit:

Yes, the text is upside in the last pic because I decided after cropping & editing that I'd like to show the Konad from that angle so you could see it from the perspective I do when I just look down. Don't ask me why but for some reason the weird bow french tip pattern - plate m62 - is also giving me an Easter vibe. The one downside of this color is that as close up as the pics are you can see the imperfect buffing of my index finger patch (well, maybe you couldn't before I pointed it out ... but it's glaringly obvious to me). The one on my pinky is much less noticeable, at least from this angle.

I will probably change my nails one more time before Easter ... For Audrey also reminds me of an egg, I might go with that next. Thanks for reading.



  1. I like this tint a lot, was able to snag one of these at Sally the other week.

  2. Hahahaa! I just bought Mermaid today! It will be on my post for tomorrow! Our polish tastes have sync'd! It looks good on you. I hope I can pull it off for my Easter mani! :)

  3. CLOCKWORK - I really like all of Nina's spring colors, I'm thinking about getting a couple of the other shades.

    THE PBG - Just be patient with it LOL - even at 4 coats honestly I had some streaking until I put on my top coat & then the Seche evened it out.

    NIXXY - Thanks! Usually I try to stay away from being TOO cute, but at holidays I feel like I can get away with it without having to take too much crap.

  4. Very pretty! I own this polish. It's a great color. Except for the fact, it needs so many coats.

  5. Just lovely! Like the combo of colors and pattern.

  6. I love that, color is great and stamp is perfect. Just right for Easter!

  7. I love that little necklace stamp too! I like the green on green combo :)

  8. :D I love the green on green combo!! Where did you get the darker green? I'm loving that shade of green!!

  9. VELVET - yeah, it did need a lot of coats, but at least they did seem to dry quickly.

    OLIVIA C - Thanks!

    LUCY - Thanks!

    MARY - I don't know exactly what it is about it but I agree =)

    BROOKE - It does look like a necklace! I will refer to it as the necklace stamp henceforth instead of the weird bow-thing stamp LOL

    LILAZNKTTY - The darker green is the green Konad Special Polish.

  10. Great motif!! And I love the color combinaton, so pretty :)

  11. Lovely nails !♥ <----------------tsek ? :)


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