Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another Easter Treat (NOTD)

I always get great feedback on posts that are non-nail related, but we all know it has to come back to the manicure =) I thought about trying some little freehand flowers with my dotting tool, but the test run indicated that I need a little more practice before I got anywhere near a real mani. So I went with good old Konad.

Keeping with the pastel Easter theme of my last mani, the base is China Glaze For Audrey, Konaded with China Glaze Emotion & plate m8. I had the temptation to go wild with the color I used plus another lighter pink & covering my nail with flowers, but I came back to an old lesson of less is more & so I stuck with just one color & after testing multiple stamps to make a tip pattern on my thumbs ended up just using the stamp twice in the corners (this is only part of the design, it's also got a little curlicue coming off the end that I didn't want to use):

Here's the tip test on one of my thumbs:

Also, went shopping today, and apparently turquoise is the color for spring in all kinds of things because I came across 2 things that My Nails Look Like. First a dress - that I did actually end up buying ... now I know at least one polish option when I wear it =) :

Then at Target this pair of gardening boots that I've got to give credit to my mom for spotting:

Shopping also included a stop at Ulta thanks to a 20% off coupon. I managed to control myself because I know most of what they have can be had cheaper online, but I needed cuticle oil sooner rather than later & couldn't resist the OPI Breathe Life polish:

So, busy day today, but a gorgeous day for running around, I didn't even take a jacket with me it was so nice. Supposed to be pretty much the same tomorrow too. Thanks for reading & I hope everyone enjoys a happy Easter!



  1. That "For Audrey" is a beautiful color, the knoad you chose is a good compliment for the color ...... neat how you found gardening boots to match!

  2. How pretty is your manicure! Very delicate and lady like. Nice that you found a dress to match. I like the gardening boots also. Very cute. I've watched The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency on HBO. Have you seen it or read the books? I'm really enjoying the series. I can imagine the books are much better. More detailed stories and background. I've only seen the first show and I love it already. The acting is terrific.

  3. Happy easter!
    Very nice creation Colette, the color of the shoes matching perfectly with the nails!

  4. Very lovely and fresh manicure, I like it a lot!

  5. Talk about perfect match with the nails and boots!! I love your mani, and that Solar Oil is so good :)

  6. Very pretty and delicate looking mani :)

  7. That's such a pretty color combination and I love the stamp. Those boots are a perfect match!

  8. Colette- this is stunning!
    I have everything I need to do this and after seeing your nails, I have got to try!

    Just gorgeous!

    Happy Easter to you, and if you get a chance, feel free to check out my blog. I've already linked yours in my blogroll and today's manicure is one of the many reasons why!
    ~Monica (aka wixbetty)

  9. Love the look! FA is one of my first polishes and I still adore it. The design is so very delicate too! I always end up "overdoing" my konad b/c I forget that less is more =)

  10. Beautiful - your nails are so spring-y, and I can't believe how well they match the dress and boots! Well done!

  11. DEEZ NAILS - For Audrey had been on my lemming list for qutie a while, & with Sally's sale this month of buy 2 get 1 free I couldn't pass is up any longer.

    LUCY - I haven't seen the series but I think I've seen a couple of ads - sounded like the Women's Murder Club just going by the title similarity but unfortunately I don't have HBO.

    NESSA - Thanks!

    ASTASIA - Thanks! Too bad they're only garden boots, I might have got them if they were cute shoes =)

    AMABILE - Thanks!

    VANESSA - I like the Solar Oil, but I'm not loving the scent unfortunately. If it ends up working miracles (I'm only on day 3 of using it) I might overlook the scent, but I may end up using something different after this bottle.

    CLOCKWORK - Thanks!

    MARY - Thanks! I really like these flowers even though they're just part of the full design.

    MONICA - I'll keep an eye out for your version - what a fun Easter mani you have posted up!

    PINKY - Thanks! Even my grandma loves this color - she told me yesterday, "wear this one more often" LOL!

    JAMIE - Thanks!


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