Friday, May 1, 2009

NOTD: ChG 2Nite

More holo goodness to fall in love with. This time from China Glaze's OMG Collection, 2Nite, which is a purplish-blue holo that I might almost call periwinkle. If I haven't mentioned it lately, please click to enlarge any of the pics =):

I think I could just keep on working my way through my holos if I hadn't just made a Konad haul too. Although I suppose there's no reason I couldn't Koni the holos, it just seems like a shame to dilute the pure holo bling.

Also, started work early this morning & had the opportunity to get a pic of these crazy clouds at sunrise:

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  1. Hi Colette :-) What an awasome color !it's SO beautiful ! also I love your pictures - they're great, and what an amazing pic of those clouds you took today :-)

  2. Clouds and sunrise look like the rainbow of colors in polish! How cool! Very nice on you!

  3. That is so foxy, love seeing all the color shifts in each picture :)

  4. That is so beautiful and the color ties in with your photo. Just beautiful. Periwinkle is one of my favorite colors.

  5. Hi Colette! Thanks for the beautiful pictures of the clouds. Then the gorgeousness of the holo polish. Love all the nail shots. Just so beautiful. Your nails look lovely.

  6. TULI - Thanks!


    VELVET - I would love to try some marbling with those colors =)

    CLOCKWORK - Glad you enjoy =)

    MARY - I didn't realize how well they matched until I had them up, but you're right.

    LUCY - A lot of times I see the sunrise, but it's while I'm driving so I han't take any pics. Thanks =)

  7. What an amazing color! I love it!


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