Monday, February 1, 2010

Accountability: Resolutions Check-Up

So, in an effort to be more accountability to myself, I'm going to look back at the start of each month & see how I'm doing with sticking to the resolutions that I made at the beginning of the year.  Hopefully this will keep me on task ... or get me back on if I get off track LOL.  So today is the start of a new month, & here's how January went:
  • Losing Weight - Meh.  I lost the 5 lbs I'd put on over the holidays, put it back on, then managed to take it off again LOL.  So down 5 on the year, by the skin of my teeth.  My consolation is that I beat my dad - he started using my stationery bike & doing some other exercises, and he is only down 1 lb for the month.
  • Budget - Also meh.  I am getting better with being aware when & what I am spending, but I've only saved a couple of hundred so far in my checking & savings combined.  If I actually look at my total funds, which includes my HSA (Health Savings Account) I am actually down because since I am at the start of a new plan year, I am also at the start of my $2500/year deductible ... last time I went to the pharmacy it was $450 ... yeah.  The goal is to save enough by summer to look at buying a new car.
  • Schedule - Well, I am fitting in everything I want, but just by the skin of my teeth & I really need to get into bed earlier because by the end of the week I am dead on my feet, then end up sleeping away most of my weekend.
  • Reading - I have to give myself a FAIL here so far.  I've only read 5 books.  Last year by the end of January I was up to 7 so I'm falling behind when I wanted to be ahead.  Don't ask where I plan on cramming in more book time LOL, but I've got to find a way!
  • Socializing - Ummm... actually I think I get a thumbs up here =)  Not like I've turned into a party animal or anything, but I did spend a few hours shoe-shopping at the mall with Tee yesterday, which is at least getting out & about.  Usually I run most of my errands by myself & as quickly as possible, so an actual leisurely afternoon browsing was a change.
  • Comments - Definite FAIL so far.  But that's mainly because I still haven't managed to catch up!  Once I catch up I think I can keep up.
  • Throughout Me -Well, only 3 posts in January, so less than 1 a week ... but considering I only posted 2x in December & 2x in November, I think I'm doing OK.  I have also managed to fit in time to write on almost a daily basis.  I just have a problem finishing things LOL, lots of little snippets floating around in my notebooks or on scraps of paper.
Overall, not doing too bad I guess.  How are you doing with your resolutions?  On track or maybe fallen off the wagon?  Leave a comment or drop an email & let me know =)  Thanks for reading.



  1. I never do resolutions. I think if I really wanted to change something I would have started doing that when I thought of it and not wait until New Years to do so. If I do wait I'm just not motivated enough to actually change it so it's doomed to begin with. :)

    I see I'm on your blogroll (thanks!) but I've changed my blog's name and url to make it easier to find and remember to my international readers.
    It used to be "Een Minder Mutsig Nagelblog" and it's now "The Dutch Nail Blog".
    The url is:
    Would you mind changing the link in your blogroll so it shows the correct link?

  2. I don't do resolutions, as long as I never keep them xD
    Well, I try to loose weight since november and I keep this goal (even if y took some pounds during Christmas *sigh*), I also try not to buy too much polishes or cosmetics, but when I compare prices in internet and in Belgian shops, it's sooo hard to resist ! :D

  3. KIRSTEN - I usually try to start stuff when I think of it, but I need something more "official" to stick with it LOL. Took me long enough but I did finally get your address corrected =)

    AYUU - Oh, I am still trying to stick with my no-buy I know what you mean =) I am still on track but my willpower is running out LOL.


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