Sunday, February 7, 2010

NOTD: ChG Thunderbird

Well, I chose this color for my Friday National Wear Red Day mani, then I decided since the day is about heart disease awareness, a few hearts would not be out of place - so I think it really could stand in for Valentine's Day also, with the red & gold color combination.

Base color is China Glaze Thunderbird, which is a perfect red, from this past fall's Retro Diva collection.  I just wanted a little bit more, so I used my dotting tool to create hearts on my thumb & ring fingers with OPI Dazzled by Gold (and boy am I starting to wish I had a backup of this LE polish):

It was a really good match for my red boots:

And I also decided to do a comparison swatch vs. Zoya Isla.  Here is Isla on index & ring, Thunderbird on middle & pinky:

They are pretty close, but I think Thunderbird is a little darker (especially in person), so I'm not willing to call them dupes - I'm glad I have both because this is such a perfect tone of red for me =)  Thanks for reading.



  1. Beautiful! I love the glittery hearts!

  2. Thunderbird is an amazing polish. I love it. The hearts are also very very cute. What a great manicure :D

  3. I actaully see a very nice red hot car with this nail polish!
    Hearts are nicely done. <3

  4. woww that dazzled by gold polish looks gorgeous! and the red and gold go really well together!

  5. Cute design ^^ hunderbird looks great on you. Il also love Dazzled by Gold !

  6. I love the red colour, it's sexy and vampy and really fun with the golden hearts!!!

  7. I love Thunderbird, it's my favorite red next to Ruby Pumps. It looks great on you, and the gold hearts are so cute. :)


    THESS - I agree - but it would have to be a fast car! =)

    KRISSY - AYUU - POLISHSIS - SOLVEIG - Thank you =)

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