Friday, February 12, 2010

NOTD: Shades of Green Water Marble + Tutorial

It's kind of late, but I stayed up watching this ridiculously long Olympics opening ceremony ... still not sure if it was worth it LOL but I did get everything edited while I watched, so I can show you my favorite of this week's 3 water marbles.

For the base color of this one I used Color Club French Tip, a plain white, and then I did the water marbling with Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow & Sally Hansen Ivy League.  I love, LOVE, the way this turned out, even though it's not Valentine's-ey by any stretch of the imagination.  It is very bright & makes me think of spring, I'm still wearing it & may not change it until Sunday:

Here's the tutorial, I was a little worried how well the colors would show up on camera but they weren't as bad as I feared:

So, which water marble was your favorite this week?  =) Thanks for reading.



  1. Prettiest design yet, though I might choose different colors, and your videos are, by far, the best I've seen for marble tutorials. THANK YOU!!!

  2. I love this mainly because I love SH's mellow yellow. I'll probably try this after Valentine's Day is over. Love the tutorials. :-)

  3. You never disappoint - every time I see one of your water marbles I think OH! I hope she has a tutorial for this one too! And there it is at the end :-) Lovely! You are quite patient and talented!!!

  4. This really looks amazing, I should try marbeling, you make it look so easy!

  5. Awesome, and you are getting better and better at it!

  6. I absolutely love your marble designs this week! I got a bit inspired and tried to do one myself! It turned out really messy though, haha. I'll post it up on my blog once I get round to taking photos :)
    Thanks for the inspiration :D

  7. whoa, that's so pretty. I love the colors and how it turned out.

  8. Now this is a water marble I would wear! Usually I think marbles are a but too hectic and busy for me but this is very subtle and elegant. Love it!

  9. Gorgeous! I can't thank you enough for posting tutorials of your awesome water marbles. After seeing this I decided to try it right away. The tape is such a great idea - I didn't make any more of a mess than I do with a normal mani, and I'm absolutely in love with this technique! Now I can actually use the colors in my stash that I wouldn't normally wear alone. Thanks!!

  10. I love all the water marbling! They remind me of gorgeous Pucci prints.

  11. WOW! someone posted a link to your blog on MUA and i am in AWE. i have never seen someone water marble like you. so amazing. adding to my google reader now.

  12. I just tried it for the first time and did not have success. I will have to try it at a later date. thank you for the tutorials though. Nice job and cool manicures.

  13. These are not my favorites colors but I really love the result ! The curves of your marble are perfect ! You make me want to try ^^ Thanks for the videos :)

  14. I love your marble designs! Your tutorials are clear so thanks for making those. :) I tried water marbling for the first time yesterday and I just couldn't get it to work. You said the water should be room temp and I tried that but no. I tried warmer, a bit less warm, colder, and it just doesn't work. The first and second drop usually spreads but after that the drops stop spreading and at that point the first drops are already dry. (I used some China Glaze and OPI polishes.) The tap water here in Finland is soft and low on minerals etc. so I don't think it's the quality of water. I'm sorry if you have been asked this before since I didn't read all your comments but what do you think could be the problem? Thanks! :)

    - r0sie

    1. iam also facing the same problem

  15. EVERYONE - Thank you so much. I'm so glad you all enjoy =)

    KRISSY - I think yours turned out awesome for a first try =)

    ROSIE - Although your water is soft, you might want to give bottled a try just to see if it makes a different. If it's not the water, it might be the polish you're using - some just dry too quickly to use. I hope you find a combination that works for you =)

  16. hey there! Thanks for sharing so wonderful tutorial :) i just wanted to ask - where i can get those finger prototype?

  17. i really really like your nails.....but what's that on your nail before you put them in the water?pls answer.andrea

  18. LIGITA - I'm not sure what you mean by finger prototype? These are my natural nails.

    ANDREA - I've got a base coat to help the colors be more vibrant (I think I used just a basic white for this one) & also use tape to prevent the polish from getting all over my finger.

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  20. wow!! you do a fantastic job!! i love it..i tried to do it and for soem reason my nail polish breaks..why does it pull apart? is it the water?? i am using purified temparature.. it just doesn't seem to work for me.. why do you think that is?? thanks!! keep the videos coming...nydia

  21. HI I liked your water marbling soooooo much its fantastic pls try on indian nail polishes, I had tried it but didn't worked yet all

  22. Hola,tus diseños son impresinantes.he tratado de hacer algunos pero algunas pinturas se me secan muy rapido en el agua siendo incluso de sally hansen,quisiera saber como puedo hacerlos de igual forma?


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