Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mini-Haul: Zoya

Most of you (hopefully) heard about the sale that Zoya had in honor of NYFW, and I just couldn't resist.  I don't know if I can still count myself on a no-buy after this LOL, but I think I showed admirable restraint.  I bought 3 bottles - I really only needed to get 2 to take advantage of the promo - and got 2 bottles free.  I chose:

(Top row is the natural lamp, bottom is with camera flash)  Left to right:  Savita, Zara, Ibiza, Freja, Pasha.   Zoya has pretty quick shipping, I placed this order last Thursday & it was waiting for me when I got home Monday.  I've already used 1 of these & will be posting that NOTD later tonight =)

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  1. Pretty colors! Mine will be here tomorrow!

  2. I still have not tried Zoya, but they have such beautiful colors. I am going to pick up one, and if I like them, there are so many colors I'm going to buy! Do you find that they last very long? Do I need Zoya's color lock system? Thanks, Michelle

  3. Can't wait to see! Especially the matte velvets, I have Verushcka (sp?) and think I need more!

  4. I have Savita and Zara. Only tried Zara so far. It was gorgeous.

  5. EVERYONE - Thank you =)

    MICHELLE - Well, I don't normally wear them longer than a day or 2, but my mom seems to get pretty good wear out of them and she wears her manis up to a week. She uses Seche base & topcoat


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