Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nail Maintenance - PS

AKA the stuff I forgot to mention last post LOL.  Just a few things that came to mind over the course of today:

Polish Removal - The other thing I didn't mention about soaking with cotton vs. the normal rubbing method, is that besides being easier, I feel that it's more gentle on my nails.  Instead of scrubbing, pulling, wiggling & generally being aggressive with the nail plate, all I have to do is a few fairly gentle wipes (always from the cuticle towards the tip).  I think this has helped cut down on tears at the side of my nail.

Filing - I can't believe that even though I had before & after pics of my nails, I didn't actually talk much about filing.  I use a glass nail file, and I really do think it is better for the nail in that it causes less tearing & gives you a smoother finish.  If I'm taking off a lot of length, I will use a clippers &  then finish & even up with a file.  Other than that I leave my nails alone - kind of benevolent neglect LOL, but really filing when they don't need it is just weakening the nails, especially along the sides.

Buffing - I don't buff my nails very often at this point - maybe once a month.  I've never had a huge problem with ridges thankfully, but always remember that a little buffing can be helpful, but too much is never a good thing, since it will make your nail thinner & thus weaker.  Weak nails are of course vulnerable nails.  I most often use my buffer now when I'm smoothing out my patches LOL.  It can also be helpful if you get minor peeling, to even out your nail prior to your manicure.

Patches - One of the very first step-by-step tutorials I did was for how I put on my patches, and you can check out that post HERE, to see the exact products that I use & how.  I may eventually do a video tutorial for this, but I haven't gotten around to it yet & I think the pics & other info are pretty self-explanatory.  Of course if you have questions feel free to ask - even on such an old thread =)

Cuticles - I don't use cuticle remover.  After I've exfoliated & moisturized, while my cuticles are still pliable, I push them back with a metal cuticle pusher.  That's basically it.  If there are some little dry bits left behind, I gently scrape them off, but generally all they need is a little push.  I wish I could remember where I read, because it makes so much sense, that if you are constantly messing with your cuticles, they are MORE likely to be hard & rough - like they are developing a callus in defense of the harsh treatment.

Hmmm ... I think that's all - for now =)  I've got 2 manis - just one an actual NOTD - with my new stubby nubbins coming up after the pics get edited (in other words, unfortunately not necessarily tonight).  Thanks for reading.



  1. My nails are much healthier since I bought a glass file. Your tip on polish removal is dead on! When I used to remove darker colors, I was always getting polish under the sides of my nails (and it was hard to get rid of). I finally realized it was from the rubbing back and forth. I stopped doing that, I hold down the cotton round until I feel like the polish has dissolved then I slide it off from cuticle to tip, like you. I can't believe you don't do more to keep your cuticle looking nice! Thanks for the tips. Michelle

  2. I am really enjoying your blog. This post and yesterdays was really helpful. Thanks

  3. MICHELLE - I've just never been much for using remover, I mean, something that dissolves your cuticles just intimidates me LOL

    ANON - Thanks & you're welcome =)


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