Friday, February 19, 2010

Today Is ...

My mom's birthday!  And not just any birthday - this is the big 6-0 =)  Yes, the woman whose favorite nail polish colors - often seen here of course - now include dark grey & green is turning 60.  I took off work, & we're going to Grandma & Grandpa's house for a party - my aunt's bday was Monday, and Grandpa was last Saturday, so we've got a lot to celebrate.

Anyway, I thought I might have time to edit pics before we leave, but I don't.  But I have lots to post this upcoming weekend:
  • Zoya Veruschka 5 ways - yes I was very indecisive with this polish LOL.  I ended up with like 10 coats of polish to take off LOL.
  • Black & Red Water Marble - did this last night on Tee.  I may do a quick tutorial on how I used the colors, because they were a little tricky to work with but the end result was awesome.
  • Taping Tutorial - I got a request for this on a YouTube comment, so I'm going to try & take a couple minutes to show how I do the prepping with tape for water marbling.
  • Color Club Worth the Risque - painting my nails with this right now for today's NOTD
  • Nubar Lemon Drop Dazzle - NOTD by Mom - I'm replacing this today, but you'll have to stay tuned to see with what ... I can't give up all the secretes LOL!
Hope you all have a great day & thanks for reading!



  1. I hope that you have a great time celebrating!!

  2. Happy birhtday to your mom!!!, and all the best!!
    I like the idea of the taping tutorial;)

  3. Happy birthday to your mom ^^

  4. Happy Birthday Colette's MOM! (My mom just turned the 6-0 on Feb. 9th!)

    Go have a wonderful celebration...for without family, we would all be lost!


  5. Happy Birthday to your mom! I turned 37 myself today.

  6. EVERYONE - Thanks for all the well wishes =) We had a great day.


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