Saturday, February 6, 2010

NOTD: Spontaneous + MAAH

I'm a bit late posting this, actually it was my NOTD from Thursday, but I've fallen behind with editing pics.  Too busy shoveling snow among other things LOL.

When I picked up these 2 colors I thought they'd go well together & I think I was right =)  I started out with China Glaze Spontaneous for my base color.  I LOVE this purple, it is a medium purple cream & it looked like this with 2 coats:

These pics turned out more accurate than I expected for a purple. it is really a little redder than it shows under the natural lamp, a little darker than it shows with camera flash.  If I hadn't already had plans, I would have been more than happy to leave it this way.

My plans involved some pinking shears & some painter's tape, and although I don't hate the way it turned out, I think my results would have been a little better if I'd applied said tape once my nails were 100% dry.  As it was, I ended up doing polish surgery once I took off my guides.  My original idea was to do like a french tip, with the purple on the tips & the glitter on the nail bed, but then I decided that wasn't out of the ordinary enough.  After all, the glitter I chose is OPI Mad As A Hatter, and I think that deserves something a little more crazy, so I went with alternating zigzags of color:

What do you think?  For me, even though I liked it, it was only OK.  I wasn't sad to take it off LOL.   Pics of my red NOTD from Friday coming soon =)

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  1. I'm glad you paired these two together! I was thinking about doing it too! I love the zig zag effect you did! Brilliance! :)

  2. Painters tape! My favorite! I love the design, it looks like waves of glitter.

  3. Great colors together.
    Jagged edge. =)

  4. Good colour combo. Very nice. I would have liked the glitter to be all on the left or all on the right. Or maybe the zigzag diagonally across half the nail from R to L? Good but not quite great.

  5. Spontaneous is one of my favs too! It's an awesome purple creme. Looks good on you.

  6. I think it looks really neat! Love the idea... *ponders if there is painter's tape in garage*

  7. I absolutely love the concept of zig zags. That is so unique and cool. Nice job. :D

  8. Spontaneous is gorgeous ! I'm not a big fan of MAAH but it looks good with Spontaneous. Your design idea is really great, I love how it turned ^^


    JALJEN - I do kind of wish I'd gone with my original idea of more of a traditional french look, but this was fun for a day =)

    GINA - DENNY - Thanks =)

    NAIL NARC - Hope you found some LOL =)

    CRYSTAL POLISH - AYUU - Thank you =)


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