Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Haul In Progress

Yeah, had to get busy spending some of that refund LOL, so I placed my Konad order today! Can't wait for fun new plates to stamp with. I'm also planning on some other online shopping, but I haven't given myself a spending limit, and that could be dangerous.

I feel kind of bad posting without some pics ... but I do have a funny link to share! With Easter right around the corner, what's unavoidable? Peeps of course!

Thanks for reading.



  1. That was too funny!! LOL!!! I love the peeps getting surgey and the smoking peeps!

  2. What a brilliant site, I love peeps to the point of freezing them to have during the year. It is both sick annnnnnnd wrong.

  3. VELVET - I thought it was great that they took it all so "seriously" LOL

    VANESSA - =)

    CLOCKWORK - LOL! Just so long as you don't have like a separate freezer dedicated just to peeps XD


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