Saturday, March 21, 2009

Guest NOTDs & My Amateur Freehand Art

So, it is the wonderful day I have been working towards for over 10 years - I have talked my mom into wearing silver polish - and she's loving it. She keeps wriggling her fingers at me & going "Oh, by the way, have you seen my manicure?" It's hilarious & great. Here is my mom's mani of China Glaze Devotion:

Then my friend T stopped by & I didn't get the name of her polish, but I did get a quick pic since I had the camera out. Her nails are so pretty & long right now since she's been taking care of them & keeping them polished. I think this gold sparkle may be a Sinful color but don't quote me:

Then I did some freehand experimentation ... and honestly, the desire to NOT post up these pics was pretty strong, but I promised, and I guess for a first attempt it's really not horrific, but I'm glad I didn't attempt this on a fresh mani:

I think I may need a slightly thinner liner brush, or just a lighter hand handling it. And (obviously) practice. But even though I'm not thrilled with the results, it was fun, I'll try it again, and eventually maybe I'll even wear it for real.

And, just as a bonus before I go - a pic of Frisky tripping out last night with her new sock-o-catnip:

If you have a cat, I'm sure you know how much more amusing this was in real life. Thanks for reading.



  1. Everyone has a nice manicure! Your nail art is nice. Pretty decorations. For a first time it's pretty darn good. I like the color combinations. I loved watching my cats when they had the catnip toy.

  2. Not bad for a first time! It does take some practice though, I have had the paints out before and not liked a single thing I painted on my nails before :)

  3. LUCY - I take 90% credit for their nails LOL. I have been being a good (or maybe bad...) influence on everyone around me regarding manis lately.

    BROOKE - That's why it went on a mani that was heading out instead of a fresh one - I can be such a perfectionist, I'm sure it will take a while to get good enough to satisfy myself.


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