Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Hot Misa On Misa Action (NOTD)

I had such good luck Konading with Misa my last couple of manis I decided to keep going with it. I know everyone is always looking for more polish that works well for stamping, and while Misa does seem to dry a bit on the quick side (stamp quick if you don't want stringy polish) I had 2 sets of 3 colors that really went well together that were in the running for this mani:

I was considering doing something really fancy, multi-colored stamping or more than one design or something fun like that, but I didn't have the energy. Final choice was The Grass Is Greener On My Side as the base, Konaded with Toxic Seduction & plate m62:

This color is brighter & a little greener in real life, even the pic in the sun doesn't capture the almost neon quality of this teal-green. Also, this particular french tip I find I have the hardest time getting it properly centered, but it is also very forgiving and still looks cool if it's a little "off". The Toxic Seduction didn't come out quite as dark as I expected, but I still like it. If you're keeping track, that's 3 for 3 positive results using Misa to Koni.

I also finally got around to doing my taxes ... yeah, I know it's getting to be on the late side but I had some stuff to get straightened out with my bank before I could file. It took a ridiculously long time, but persistence finally paid off, so soon I will have a nice refund to spend on new Konad plates & other polish-related stuff I've been denying myself. Thanks for reading.



  1. "Grass is Greener..." is my favorite Misa polish so far! I love that color and it wears beautifully! These nails you have here are great! I still haven't mastered the Konad, but I will continue to try. :)

  2. Grass is Greener, Toxic Seduction and Forbidden Lust are so pretty! Me want :) I'm just starting out with Konad; anther inspirational blog to add... :D

  3. Looks awesome! I love that the colors are so similar.

  4. THE PBG - I don't know if there is such a thing as Konad mastery LOL. Every time I do it I still make at least 1 mistake & either have to fix it or live with it, like with these.

    VANESSA - Glad I could inspire some lemmings =)

    NESSA - Thanks! I may do some of the other colors next mani.

  5. HAHAHAH!!! Love the post name - cracking me up!!

    You should try Nail Juice's tip you told me about - the one about how to stamp the french tips on!

  6. BROOKE - I debated back & forth on using that title but I couldn't get it out of my head!

    I have been trying to use her technique - this tip came out a lot better than the first time I used it, straighter, but I think it's something about the way my nails curve that make it harder to get the chevron centered.

  7. I just had to laugh at your title. Very clever! Love the combinations you came up with. I will be ordering my Konad kit sometime in April. Can't wait.

  8. LUCY - There is so much advice out there for Konad, but the main thing is practice, practice, practice! I really hope you enjoy it when you receive your kit.


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