Thursday, March 19, 2009

NOTD & About That No-Buy...

Emerald Sparkle wore like iron, but I decided to take it off even though it didn't have a single chip. It was really pretty much the perfect green for me, but I'd been wearing it since Sunday, which seems like a long time now LOL.

I didn't know what I was putting back on when I took it off, but then I remembered what my mom had just found & went with the unknown beautifully glittery MAC polish. Holy crap, I don't even know how to describe it - dark mauve with mauve glitter & holo sparkle? It turned out really dark on the nail, maybe would even qualify as a vampy color, and it's just GORGEOUS (yes, that means more pics than normal). Please click to enlarge & see the full beauty of this mystery polish:

Yay mom! This is obviously the best thrift store find to-date. Not that I'd be upset if she surpassed this for coolness. In fact, I'm looking forward to it. Still don't know what this polish is - not that I've looked all that hard - but if anyone has any ideas what it could be let me know.

Now ... about that no-buy...

I didn't exactly fall off the wagon ... I only promised I wouldn't buy any polish & I didn't ... but I got some stuff to try some freehand nail art, if I can get up the nerve to do so. Here's my mini-haul from Michaels:

After reading Asami's Cherry Blossom Tutorial, I feel halfway confident of making flowers ... with my right hand that is. I've gotten pretty good doing regular polish with my non-dominant hand, but I'm still a long way from being ambidextrous. Pretty flowers with the left hand? We'll have to see.

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  1. Ooooh I love this purple? What is the name and is it new? I love the shimmery/glittery look it gives.

  2. That definitely qualifies as a vampy color! GORGEOUS!! It am sooo feeling that! Mom, FTW!!

    And no, you didn't fall off the wagon. You totally are still on the No-Buy Wagon. That is NOT polish! :)

  3. DENNY - Unfortunately I have no idea what the name of this polish is - my mom picked it up for me at a thrift store & it has no labels or other identifying marks. I am pretty sure it is old, because MAC has a different style bottle now, but I don't know eactly how old.

    THE PBG - I love my mom - I will probably have her on as a guest NOTD because I have finally talked her into wearing silver polish! For so long she claimed she was too old but I convinved her it was all in her head.

    LOL & that's exactly what I told myself!

  4. i LOVE that purple...I troll thrift stores with hopes of finding any polish...i haven't yet :(

  5. Very pretty! I would love to see that one IRL!

    Excited to see what you create with those nail art supplies.

  6. THE ASIAN GIRL - I don't seem to have any luck when I hit them myself, but my mom has like thift store spidey sense or something, she always finds the best stuff.

    BROOKE - I'm half excited & half nervous ... Either tonight or tomorrow I'm going to do some practice ... I'll post up some pics, whether the outcome is good or badge LOL.


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