Thursday, March 26, 2009

Need A Laugh? I Did

Another LONG & CRAPPY day & work. I needed to unwind, and I remembered that when I was looking on lolcats the other day (see the link? Over to the bottom right?) & I saw some My Little Ponies & I immediately remembered another really funny website & thought I should share. Well, it’s hilarious if you’re in a certain age range, otherwise you probably won’t get it. But if you are old enough to remember My Little Ponies & Transformers, and young enough to have actually played with them, I highly recommend checking out:

Although only if you’re in the mood to laugh. Which I am.

Sometimes there are guest appearances by other toys & action figures. While re-acquainting myself with the site, I ran across a couple with a FF (Final Fantasy ... it's a RPG video game if you're not into that kind of thing) twist. And since it's on YouTube also, I thought I might as well share one right here:

In addition to laughing, which is of course always great, I also learned how to do 2 new things with my blog (the link in a picutre & embedding the youtube) and that always puts me in a pretty good mood. Thanks for reading. And hopefully laughing =)



  1. Would KILL to know how to embed a youtube . . . . care to share?

  2. CLOCKWORK - Glad you enjoyed =)

    BROOKE - For sure! Here is a link to the tutorial I found on embedding a youtube video - super easy & even w/ pictures =)

  3. hey Colette... it's your cousin Rachel checking out your blog... love it :) here is a funny link that I thought you could add to your page. just in time for Easter

  4. RACHEL - Glad you stopped by =) I'll have to check out that link when I'm not quite so sleepy.


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