Sunday, March 22, 2009


So, after that freehand experiment I wanted some nice, reliable Konad. Of course, starting off thinking that I ended up having some application issues =( But I'm still pretty happy with how this turned out. Oddly enough I did the tips better on my right hand then my left, so you get to see that hand today also. Misa Ghetto Fabulous Konaded with Misa Chocolate Icing & plate m62:

Very bright after a could dark-colored manis in a row. Don't know how long I'll wear it since I'm not totally in love with it though. Thanks for reading.



  1. Very pretty colors and design. I'm also wearing Ghetto Fabulous. Usually I don't have any chips for days. I did my nails last night and already a couple of chips! Your nails look beautiful.

  2. Whoa - that looks awesome! :)

  3. It's pretty, looks like a sunrise! Just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog and gave you an award.

  4. I think this looks pretty cool!

  5. Those are beautiful - I love those colors together! I've got Misa polish on this week you find it's easier to konad with, since it's naturally a little thicker?

    Very nice job...

  6. Love the colors and design. I'm afraid the konad bug might bite me, lol! Konading is new to me, never done before. I Like your blog mix with nails and books. Always good to get new ideas for reading.

  7. LUCY - I almost did the colors reversed, and I keep thinking of it when I look down so I might still try it.

    NIXXY - Thanks!

    BODY & SOUL - It reminds me of a sunrise also. Thanks for the award, I'm flattered!

    BROOKE - It's really bright, a little sunshine since it's all rainy here & looks to be all week.

    JAMIE - The one thing great about regular polish+Konad is that it doesn't have the streaking problems that some of the special polishes do. If I decide to try to gold over the brown, that will be the real test.

    VELVET - I hope you give Konad a try - it's got a little learning curve but once you get the hang of it, it's really great. Glad you're enjoying the books too =)


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