Thursday, March 12, 2009

NOTD: China Glaze Cherish & 2 Gifts

So, my index finger had an accident ... I'm now dealing with 2 patched nails, but the crack on my index finger is quite a bite worse than the one on my pinky. It was a last minute & very sloppy patch, you can totally see the edge. But I'm hoping it will hold, and if it does I will do a better job when I take this one off.

The Konad turned out a little more subtle than anticipated, but I still really like this mani. China Glaze Cherish Konaded with China Glaze Awaken & plate m21:

Green Ocean was supposed to be the start of my green manis up to St. Patrick's Day, but it turned out to be pretty blue on the nail, so I guess this is really more of the start. It is paler on the nail than in the bottle, and even paler in the pics, but still recognizably green.

Next, my gifts: Mom went to the thrift store & this is what she got me:

Sinful Shirley's Silver ... I'm not sure if this is an old-style Sinful Colors bottle, or if plain Sinful is a different brand?:

MAC ??? No label on this lovely color I'm sad to say. Any ideas what it could be? I don't have any other MAC polish, but this looks like it will be a good intro:

PS - if you haven't noticed, the mini-hauls that my mom gets me are tagged under "a mother's love" =) Thanks for reading.



  1. /Sinful Shirley's Silver ... I'm not sure if this is an old-style Sinful Colors bottle, or if plain Sinful is a different brand?:/

    It is indeed Sinful colors, in their old style bottle. I have few of these, remember the rack they were on did say Sinful colors, I think one of my bottles may as well include 'colors' in a smaller text.

  2. I've never seen that Mac bottle before. Looks like a pretty color. Looking forward to your swatches.

  3. I do believe that your sinful is just in an old bottle. I have a couple in bottles like that, but the colors were so dark it is hard for me to read the black lettering on mine, but the bottle shape looks about the same ;)

    The mac looks awesome, is tht glitter in there i see?

    My mom is a HUGE junk store (what I call thrift stores) fanatic! I have told her the luck that you and your mom have had there, so I told her to keep her eyes out for any nail polish and to scoop it up for me! I call my mom a "junkie" because of how much she loves to go to those thrift stores and buy stuff :)

    Awwww - a mothers love, how sweet! If my mom ever finds any for me, I might still your cutesy label you did and use it on my blog too - of course I will credit the wonderful inventor of said label :)

  4. omg - did I really just spell "steal" like "still" lmfao!! I really am not that dumb, i just got carried away typing, lol - whoooops

  5. ANONYMOUS - Thanks for the info! I'd never had a Sinful before last year so I've only known the current style bottle until now.

    LUCY - I know MAC has a different style bottle now, but I wasn't sure how many "versions" ago this one was ... I'm thinking pretty old but the polish still has a good consistency.

    BROOKE - Yes, that is glitter! Very awesome gorgeous glitter that would be going on my nails next mani if I weren't in Green Mode for St. Patty's.

    Feel free to steal my label =) & I forgive you your spelling LOL I know the feeling of hitting "post" & then catching a really basic mistake & not be able to fix it!


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