Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1st TOTD

I decided I'm going with TOTD instead of POTD (Toes vs. Pedicure). I know the poll isn't over yet, but it's leaning pretty strongly towards "yes" & I don't have anything else to post about today so here we go. I can't say I'm exactly happy with how my feet look, but I guess they're not too bad. Just about everything looks horrible when you zoom in so close

I've got 2 disclaimers before the pics though:

#1 - Excuse my right foot, I got a little too intense & wounded myself scrubbing at the callus on the top of my foot (which is, might I add, the DUMBEST place I've ever heard of to get a callus. Seriously, WTF?). I'm a delicate flower & I don't even have to necessarily break the skin to get a scab.

#2 - Also excuse the piece of lint on my left toe that I obviously didn't catch before the taking picture & now after uploading & seeing it larger than life, I'm too lazy to take off my socks & take different pics without lint.

So, disclaimers aside, here's my current pedi; New York Color Fifth Avenue (those are Frisky's feet in the bottom shot ... not exactly in the way but certainly in my business =) as usual):

If you didn't know, by the way, it is really hard to get a good photo of feet! I initially was going to try & prop up my feet on my desk to get them under the "natural" lamp & try to get the bottle in there too - then I (brilliantly) realized my lamp is on a clippy-clamp & I could move it from my shelf to the edge of my desk & just prop my feet on my little footrest. Worked pretty well, although I think I'll have to find something to drape it with & make a more neutral background LOL.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Great shots (and beautiful polish)! And we get kitty feet too! :-) I really need to do my toes...


  2. JAMIE - Thanks! I should get a better shot of the kitty feet LOL, she's got so many extra toes her feet look like catcher's mitts.

  3. How cute with the kitty feet in them. Nice polish and nice manicure. Enjoying your blog! No polish for the kitty?

  4. Kitty feets, I love it. I love that the kitty's just have to make an appearance! Did I hear you say that the cat has extra toes?? This I NEED to see :)

    And of course I had to enlarge the pic and see this lint you were talking about, lol

  5. THE ASIAN GIRL - Thanks!

    LUCY - She's certainly got the claws for it, but I don't think she'd submit to me painting them =)

    BROOKE - I'll see if I can pin her down for some pics =) I've had her so long normal-size cat feet look funny to me LOL.

  6. Hey Colette, I gave your blog an award on my blog :)

  7. Ditto to Brooke's post - except on my blog! :)

  8. BROOKE & NIXXY - Thanks! WOW! & Thanks again =)


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