Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Poll #1 Results & Poll #2 Up

LOL, I feel a little slow on the uptake - it's been finished for a couple days now, but I kind of forgot about it. I don't know if there's a way to like embed the poll's results in a post for posterity (if you know, let me know!) so I'll just break it down generic-style with a screenshot:

Kind of a puny poll I know but on the other hand blogging has become such a part of my routine I have to remind myself I've only been doing it like a month & a half. And in that light I don't think I'm doing too bad with readership.

I know there's got to be code somewhere to change the color of the bars, this is so hard to read with this color scheme I'll really try to figure it out.

I was surprised how many chose "Sorted? Uhhhh....". If you can't read the text, it had 11 votes. Only 1 less than Brand which had 12, with Color coming in 3rd with 6 votes.

Now, on to the 2nd poll. My mom (have I mentioned she's cool? She only goes online like once a week & one of the things she does is catch up with my blog) says to me the other day, "Why aren't there any pictures of toes on the blogs?" to which my response was "Because feet are gross." She tried very hard to convince me that my toes are cute (will any mom ever admit that any part of their child is less than cute?) and so I decided I'd put it to the test ... errr, to the poll ... well, I though I'd ask what you thought.

So? Go & VOTE - are feet gross or would you like to see some POTD (Pedicure of the Day) ... or would that be TOTD (Toes of the Day)? After all, we call them NOTD (Nails of the Day), not MOTD (Manicure of the Day). Hmmm... enough acronyms. I'll leave this poll up a good while, since although I keep my toes painted all winter they don't start getting real attention until the sandals come out.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Hi Colette,
    How to say this delicately?

    I think the pedi photos are rare due to foot fetishists and the type who find such things attractive in a very different way than we do.

    I think feet can be cute, but most pics I've seen were of one toe at a time...usually the big toe...=P

    I love your blog and look forward to it every time I open Google reader! <3 Monica

  2. Well, I know that in my personal case, my toe nails get neglected a lot, especially in winter. One of my resolutions this year was to do a bi-weekly pedicure...and I've only managed one so far.

    So while I've always planned to put my toes on my blog, it just hasn't happened yet. Maybe when the weather gets warm enough for bare feet again?

    I don't think feet are gross...

  3. MONICA - That's a good point & one I didn't really consider. I suppose somewhere out there are people with hand fetishes too who are probably in heaven with the nail blogs!

    Glad you are enjoying my blog =)

    JAMIE - I know just what you mean - the polish more grows out than gets removed in the winter, LOL.

    I guess I don't really think all feet are gross either ... I just don't like my own very much, and really most of my dislike is centered on the actual nails, because they're not properly pink, they grow out dark like a dropped a lead weight on my foot or something, which is why I keep them polished even during winter.

  4. I love feet!! Post those feet pics up! I have on ocassion. And really my take on it is, if you don't want to see it keep scrolling or x out of the screen. :) but I'm dificult like that.

  5. BROOKE - you seem to be in the majority! I have given in to the inevitable & have been buffing & exfoiliating & trying to prepare my tootsies for their debut.

  6. please post pics of feet- feet are very special, very unique, very beautiful

  7. ANON - after the poll results, I do post pics of almost all my pedicures =)


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