Saturday, March 14, 2009

Books 14, 15, 16

Time for more books! Seems like I always end up posting about 3 at a time, which I swear I'm not doing on purpose, just when I need a "filler" post that's how many I've read in between.

Death Masks
Dresden Files Book 5
Jim Butcher

I read this book in under 2 days. Part of it I think was having it available right after I finished the last one, just continuing on in the world, but another part is that I think, much though I've enjoyed James Patterson's books, he's not cracking my top authors list. Whereas Jim Butcher is definitely in my top 10 & maybe my top 5 (the top 5 is kind of shifty ... kinda depends on who I'm currently reading & who has a book coming out next that I'm most looking forward to at the moment).

6th Target
Women's Murder Club Book 6
James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

This book dragged for me. It's like it was interesting while I was reading it, and I'd even go so far as to say hard to put down, but it didn't make me pick it back up again. It took me a whole week to get through, and I think I only managed that quick because I wanted to get to what I had ready for next.

Blood Rites
Dresden Files Book 6
Jim Butcher

Ah, trust & family, 2 things that hopefully - but unfortunately not necessarily - go together. And poor Harry -the main character of the Dresden files - has his share of issues with both. One of the reasons that I really enjoy Jim Butcher is that he's been doing foreshadowing for some of the stuff that got revealed in this book since book 1. And that's just pretty cool to me, a skill that some authors have in much greater share than others.

I'm reading Book 7 right now, & I've got the rest of the Dresden files sitting on the floor next to my desk, out from the library (through book 10) & I hope to have them finished before #11 comes out in April.

Thanks for reading.



  1. The Jim Butcher series is one I definetly want to read. I'm reading Charlaine Harris' Club Dead. I have to go back and read the second book. I love the genre. I have a list with all the Jim Butcher books on it so I can read them in order. Being on the computer so much has seriously cut into reading time.

  2. LUCY - I love the Sookie Stackhouse series also - I am looking forward to I think it's #9 due out in May - plus the TV series based on the book (True Blood, which plays on HBO) will have new episodes this summer. I've lost a lot of reading time due to being on the computer too, but when I get a really good book it's just like old times & I have to squeeze my blog in around my book instead of the other way around LOL.


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