Friday, March 20, 2009

An Aunt's Love

I go to see my grandparents every Friday. This week we celebrated my uncle's birthday. What's a birthday without some sweets?

Here we have a delicious piece of cake:

Mmmm, moist carrot cake, cream cheese frosting ... and pecans. Which I am allergic to. Which means I cannot eat the delicious cake. No one ever remembers that I'm allergic to tree nuts =(

Except! Behold:

My very own personal delicious carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting & NO NUTS. Made specially for yours truly by my aunt. I am beloved. Or maybe a little spoiled, which I'm also OK with =)

That's all for now. Experimental freehand nail art tomorrow ... for better or worse LOL. Thanks for reading.



  1. Hi Colette!
    How sweet of your Aunt. That cake looked delicious. One of my favourites. It's nice to be spoiled. I only have one Aunt left and she doesn't bake anymore. She's older and not in the greatest health. Enjoy while you can. Just revel in the love.

  2. That was nice she made you a cupcake...looks delicious! Enjoying your blog and looking forward to your freehand nail art!

  3. LUCY - I appreciate my family a lot more than I did when I was younger. I love seeing them & look forward every week to Fridays for that reason.

    BODY & SOUL - It was super-yummy =) Thanks & I just posted up the freehand pics, so I hope I don't dissapoint!

  4. OMG - How did I miss this post??? Especially one about food???

    I love me some good carrot cake with lots of cream cheese icing, but it has to be moist! Nothing worse than biting into a dry carrot cake! How did anyone come up with the idea to use carrots to make cake?? Such a great idea I tell you!

  5. BROOKE - Cream cheese frosting is the best. Especially on carrot cake ... or pumpkin bars ... or graham crackers ... or ... hmmm think I might be hungry? LOL


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