Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kitty Toes

So, if you're not an animal lover, this will have very little to zero interest for you. So you might want to skip it & come back when I'm talking about nails or books again LOL. People who expressed an interest - prepare to meet my kitty & her feet =)

Most cats have 18 toes (5 on each front paw & 4 in the back). Cats with extra toes are called polydactyl & the Guinness World Record is 27, although the website I looked at said there's some other cat with 28 that is trying to take the tile. My cat Frisky has 24. She sounds like a person when she comes down the stairs she makes so much noise with her big feet. And, since she has claws on all those toes & then some (there's kind of an extra claw in the front between the "fingers" & the "thumbs" that's not attached to a toe) I put my life in danger to bring you some of these pics =)

Front Feet:

Back Feet:

I couldn't get a pic of the underside of her back feet, and since none of these pics are the greatest, I found another pic online that give a really good shot of some polydactyl kitty toes. This little guy's name is Extra:

So after 17 years of her clomping down the stairs - the rest of the time she's quiet like a cat is supposed to be - it's pretty much normal, and when I see cats with regular toes it looks kind of weird.

We now resume our regularly scheduled blog =) Thanks for reading.



  1. AHHHH! Crazy toes! Cute kitty :-)

  2. Hey Pretty Kitty! Your toes are cool. My CatNephew (my sister's cat) has those extra toes too. My sweet baby Lily just has standard kitty feet! :)

  3. STARGIRL - Thanks =) She's my spoiled princess

    THE PBG - The extra toes are good for climbing too - I actually found her in the tree in the front yard when she was a kitten.

  4. OOOOMMMMGGGGGG!! I love those feets!! That underside pic you got of the front paws, I about died, lmao! I have never heard or seen this before, so it is new to me. Those little feets look like catcher's mitts. Oh man, this was great, thanks so much for risking life and limb to get this pics, I love it.

  5. I guess since people have extras, cats would too. Never saw this before. She is a beauty. I had a calico when I was a teenager. My Dad hated cats but for some reason he loved this one. He always shared his snacks with her. She layed at his feet but never on his lap. I guess she knew she would be pushing her luck. He did pet her while she was on the floor.

  6. LOVE your kitty! pls give her a kiss fpr every toe!! ;)

  7. Holy crap, that is awesome! What cute giant mittens. :D

    I'm a total cat person. I've had my kitty for 11 years now but I've never seen so many toes! Way cool.

  8. NIXXY - Thanks!

    BROOKE - Glad you enjoyed. Maybe I should add a Daily Fix of Frisky like your Daily Dose of Dinky =)

    LUCY - My dad acts like he doesn't like her, but then he sneaks & pets her & when he sleeps sometimes she'll go curl up by him & purr while he snores.

    ELEONORA -Thanks - I will =)

    ASAMI - I like dogs, but I LOVE cats. In fact this post made me realize that while Frisky has made enough appearances to have her own tag on the blog , I haven't mentioned our dog even once LOL.

  9. Too cool! Is she a Hemmiway relative?

  10. RACHEL - She could be for all I know, LOL - she was a stray when I found her.

  11. Wow, as a crazy cat lover I've always wanted to see cat paws like this in real life.
    By the way, I saw your youtube videos and from there I went to your blog and started reading it from the beginning, I love your blog and thanks to you I'm a nail polish addict :D
    oh, and this will be anonymous because I have no blog profile....


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