Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Book 17, 18, 19

Being able to read this many books in a series in a row is a treat. Usually either I've already read the whole series & I'm waiting for the next to be published, or there are wait lists involved, or I get something else from the library at the same time that I need to return first.

Dead Beat
Dresden Files Book 7
Jim Butcher

Harry walks a dark path to do the right thing. Every book he has to make a little bit more difficult decision. How far is he willing to go to protect those he cares for?

That all came off kind of dramatic, but really! This isn't one of those series where everything is just black & white & cut & dry. Harry often works in the gray areas.

Proven Guilty
Dresden Files Book 8
Jim Butcher

I honestly LOVE it when I find a really good author with an established series that has a ton of books for me to read. I already read all but one of Jim Butcher's other series (The Codex Alera, which became one of my favorite series EVER, final book of which is due out at the end of 2009), and I am unfortunately nearing the end of the Dresden files. Well, of the available Dresden files. I have not heard or seen anywhere that there is a set number for this series. But, honestly: write faster Jim Butcher. He's one of those authors I'd read every day if I could.

White Night
Dresden Files Book 9
Jim Butcher

It gets harder & harder to talk any word at all about the plot without giving too much away. And this particular book had even more twists than usual so I'm not going to even try. See, if I haven't explained, while this is urban fantasy, and there's plenty of magic being slung around, Harry is a private investigator, and there's always a little bit of the mystery element as you gather clues with him to solve the case. Even if the case involves creatures most regular PIs would never have to deal with. So I don't want to give away a clue & ruin this if any of you go out to read the series (which I certainly hope I can inspire a few people to do).

I'm currently actually reading 2 books at once right now, which blows some people's minds if I say anything about it. But some books are so good that I really don't want to take them to work, where I get a 15-minute break or a 1/2 hour lunch & then I'm expected to put the book down right at the best part (it never fails. It's ALWAYS the very best part when I have to go back to my desk) and go back to work. So I'm savoring Book 10 of the Dresden files in the peace & quiet of my own home & have a new series to read while I'm at work.

Yeah. I'm a gigantic nerd. I've made peace with this fact =) Thanks for reading.



  1. You're certainly not a nerd - well, not if it's just based on reading more than one book at a time, anyways. :-)

    I almost always have at least two going - and at the moment, since I seem to keep picking up 1st person novels (which bug me), I actually have three going at home. I might actually get through one or two of them...but I make no guarantees where 1st person narratives are concerned. James Patterson, Stephen somebody-or-other, and "Confessions of a Shopaholic" are what I'm trying to get through now. Waiting rather impatiently for the newest James Rollins books to go to paperback.

    As for work - I keep ebooks on my PDA to read on breaks, or waiting for whatever while I'm out and about. Works great for romance novels - no steamy covers to explain away. ;-)

    I'll have to check out those "Butcher Books", since you recommend them so highly. But first, and most importantly, can you please tell me if they're written in 1st person? Because it's really driving me nuts right now...I'm a 3rd person reader, all the way!

  2. JAMIE - LMAO with the romance novels on the PDA! Sometimes those covers do garner a few raised eyebrows LOL.

    The bad news is that the Dresden Files are written in 1st person (The Codex Alera is written 3rd person though). But I have to say, I used to hate them myself, and Jim Butcher is one of the authors that changed my mind on the perspective. I decided that I just must have been reading poorly-written 1st person, because now a couple of my favorite series are written that way, and while it can be frustrating - not knowing what's going on with other characters once they're away from the main character - in other ways it draws you deeper into the story, you really get to know especially the main character better if the author manages to keep thier "voice" consistent.

    So, I guess, be forewarned (I remember picking up a book I'd been SOOO looking forward to, I don't remember which specific one but from a favorite author, and being just HORRIFIED when I saw it was 1st person) but take a chance & give it a try. You might be pleasantly surprised.

    After I started liking 1st person, I even gave writing that way a try. I had avoided it - since I thought I didn't like it I didn't want to bother even as practice - but by broadening my reading horizons I think I've also improved my own style.

  3. I do love the Dresden-files and agree completely with you, I too wish Jim Butcher could write a little faster...
    I can see we do have two things in common, nail polish and urban fantasy. :D

  4. SMINKAN - at first I hoped a whole year between Dresden books meant he was going to start another Alera series, but so far it looks like not =(


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