Sunday, November 15, 2009

NOTD: Nubar Cotton Candy

Once I got this onto my nails, it really reminded me of Maybelline Jaded Blues although this kind of has more of a super-heavy shimmer than a true duo-chrome. Still, I was very impressed with the different personalities this polish had in various lights. From the Nubar Sweet Nothings collection, this is Cotton Candy - which is a dumb name, since cotton candy is usually pink or occasionally blue but never to my knowledge green with gold sparkle:

I think I might matte-ify this for tomorrow, but I haven't quite made up my mind. We'll see. Until then, thanks for reading



  1. Wow, I think that blue would look really cool matted!

  2. I think that would look great as a matte! I've found my favorite mattes are usually the sparkly/shimmery polishes :)

  3. This is so gorgeous! I love color, I'd love to see it matte. Michelle
    PS: Thanks for the help with Metallic Muse, I tried a goopy, old top coat (that is ready for the trash) as a base. It worked! Still not sure I'll wear it as an all over color though.

  4. This is a beautiful shade on you. I'll have to add this to my list. Love all those shades peeking out. I love Nubar polish. There is a website that mainly sells tanning supplies and all kinds of products. They sell nail polish. They have Nubar on sale for $4 and they sell Zoya for a dollar less than Zoya's web site. They also sell Toma polishes. They are $3 or $4. I'd never heard of them. They have some great looking polishes. I'd check them out if you'd like to spend more money. I got an email from that they were having a sale. I must've went on the site a long time ago and signed up for emails. This is the first I've ever gotten. I ordered and got my stuff in two days!

  5. Love it. I guess it does look like cotton candy but in the natural light.. looks great green haha

  6. GILDEDANGEL - it does - I'm actually still wearing it =)

    BLUEYEZ - it's like they have more personality than just a flat color, I agree =)

    MICHELLE - Glad it worked out for you =)

    LUCY - Cheap Nubar - I will have to check that out for sure. Although I really should pace myself since I have 2 packages in the mail right now ... even though only one is polish.

    TULI - Thank you =)

    CRISSY - Thanks =)

  7. if u put on 2 much nail polish does the shine run out of ur nails??????????????????????????? -_-'


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