Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NOTD: Barielle Get Mauve-ing

So, after everything I went through to get this with a sticker on the bottom, I thought I better wear it LOL =) Barielle Get Mauve-ing, from the All Lacquered Up collection:

A very pretty color ... but kind of boring, I'll admit. So I went with what I consider a classic Konad design, one I've hesitated to attempt because I'm never quite satisfied with my freehand french tips, and even as nubs my nails are too long for the french tip plate which I do have. Plate m57 & Black Special Polish, tips done with China Glaze Liquid Leather:

I really enjoyed this. You can see I didn't get much streaking (only on my left in fact, which is kind of ironic), which can be a problem with the Black. In fact, I'm in the situation again that I kind of wish I hadn't taken this off because looking at pics I like it better than my new NOTD ... it's not a disaster, but I'll show you guys the issues tomorrow =) Thanks for reading.



  1. I love that Konad design, gorgeous!

  2. This is a beautiful color and the manicure you did is amazing ! I love everything about it :-)

  3. I don't think this color looks boring at all! Beautiful! And the konad design looks like fishnet stockings, great! :D

  4. I love the color and the konad!

  5. Oooo fishnets! That's sexy ^.~ Great colors for it!

  6. Ooh, I'm in love! I only wish that a) my nails were long enough for this kind of thing and b) that I was able to do nail art. I'm trying right now, but they seem to be disasters. Anyway, I can't believe how much I'm loving your mani right now!

  7. I did a konadicure a couple days ago, clear poilsh and the rose from plate 25, in Black Pearl Special polish. I applied top coat and it smeared and bled, boy, was I angry! I used China Glaze Fast Forward top coat. I had read on another blog that it was good over konad, not so for me. I'm going to try a Sally Hansen one next (another blogger's suggestion). I tried a cheap SH clear I have and it didn't smear or bleed, so if not I can use that I guess. What top coat do you use? Have you tried the konad top coat? I wonder if it really does prevent smearing. Michelle

  8. TRINCESS - Thank you =)

    GILDEDANGEL - Thanks =)

    TULI - Thank you!

    SOLVEIG - I agree, I think it's kind of a sexy design =)

    KIRSTEN - Thanks =)

    BLUEYEZ - Thank you =)

    SAMANTHA - Just keep practicing, Konad is a constant learning curve & so is freehand - but it's so fun when it turns out well =)

    MICHELLE - I almost always use Seche Vite, although I also like Nubar Diamant. The only real trick I've found is, whatever topcoat you use, to use a very light hand, and as few strokes as possible. You can do another coat over that if necessary.


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